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New Week, New Covers!!

 Suspense Comics #3

Suspense Comics #3

Sigh…  This is one of those books that almost has too many things going for it…  Almost…  Alex Schomburg art, Nazi, KKK, Bondage, Torture/Human Sacrifice, Good Girl cover.  This might be the definition of “Classic Cover” or at least in the top 5 greatest covers of the Golden Age and arguably of all time.  I actually had the opportunity to purchase a copy of this and issue 6 over the summer.  Sadly I did not as I could not bring myself to pay the asking price for a ragged Fair to F/G copy.

There is a shocking 20 Universal copies on the census, which seems like a lot until you see the grades and realize that there is a good chance, all but a few copies of this book that exist have been slabbed.  Sadly the highest graded copy is a single 8.0 with 5 1.0s and 4 .5 poors at the bottom of the charts.  Question is if any of these have been reslabbed after having some work done on them.

SHELF DATE of April 1944

 Haunted Thrills #9

Haunted Thrills #9

Classic severed head cover, but for the love of me, I can not decide if I love or hate it…  Someday I will make up my mind and either buy one of the few copies that pop up online, or forget about it…  Until then it will remain a mystery.

11 Universal copies on the Census with a 9.4 at the top and a 4.5 being the lowest graded copy.  Average grade comes out to a very impressive 7.19

SHELF DATE of May 1953

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    That Suspense Comics cover is definately one of the best! Thanks Ben!

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    The Continental Suspense Comics #3 is one of my all time top five holy rails ever since I saw it in Gerber’s guide, whiv have I bought when it was published. I’ve only seen one copy in person, and apparent vg at megacon many years ago. The dealer wanted 3 times guide, which at the time the guide wasn’t anywhere near what this book would have brought. I only had about 2/3’s that amount and couldn’t work anything out. I’m still sad over it and guide is like 20 times the old guide price.

    “Question is if any of these have been reslabbed after having some work done on them.”
    Wouldn’t cgc detect the resto or are they not good at that?

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