Collecting Alias Part 2


Not so much spoilers as there are mentions of characters who appear in the series so if you want to watch it fresh, you might not want to read this article!

I went into binge watching Alias AKA: Jessica Jones with a lot of reservations. Even though Daredevil was my favorite show from last year I wasn’t sure how successful Marvel could be introducing a largely unknown character to the masses. After devouring season 1 all I have to say that they far exceeded my expectations. Jessica Jones has everything one should want in a faithful comic adaptation. It’s a show that feels all its own but still does an amazing job integrating itself into the larger Marvel universe. The show is filled with the kind of comic references die-hards love while helping to set future projects like Cage, Daredevil season 2 and possibly Iron Fist!

Daredevil 232

Daredevil #232

Daredevil #232

Nuke has always been one of my favorite first appearances to collect. It’s an older book making the acquisition of high grade copies quite a challenge. This comic also has a great cover and introduces us to Simpson, a man who has some abilities I would love to see put up against Luke Cage. He also has a bit of a superpowered pill problem and eventually tatoos the American Flag to his face. I sure hope he appears in full form down the road.

The White Tiger

Daredevil 58

Daredevil Vol.2 #58

Daredevil Vol.2 #58

Hmmmmm…..I think I mentioned this one months ago. Angela Del Toro is directly referenced in the show.

Avengers Academy 20

Avengers Academy #20

Avengers Academy #20

The current White Tiger is Ava Ayala. There is nothing to lead us to believe that she will in anyway be a part of future shows but here is her first appearance. This is one for the true speculators mainly because you can find it for pennies.

The Punisher 1 ( 2011 )

Clark Peters ( The Wire ) may have been type cast as Detective Clemons but he nails it and his demise comes as quite a surprise. He first appeared in issue one of this Punisher series. There are 7 covers for this bad boy: Regular cover, DF Signed Regular cover limited to 399, 2nd print sketch cover, 1:15 Variant, Blank, Ken Haeser limited to 50 cover & a 1:25 variant!

Regular Cover Sal Buscema 1:15 Cover Neal Adams 1:25 Cover Blank Cover 2nd print sketch cover Dynamic Forces Ken Haeser Sketch limited to 50

Marvel Comics Presents 1 ( 2007 )

Officer Brent Mahoney appears on both this show and in Daredevil! He’s a minor character but if your thing is collecting all Earth-199999 character appearances from the comics then you can’t complete the collection without this one.

Marvel Comics Presents #1

Marvel Comics Presents #1

Patsy Walker 26

This comic actually appears in the show. It is all part of the long history of Patsy Walker. If you are a fan of Trish/Hellcat I suggest reading up on her history and anyone who studies the history of Marvel will enjoy her origins.

Patsy Walker#26

Patsy Walker#26

The whole thing is a little confusing but here is the best example of what the comic appearing on the show means:

That's a comic-book based on a fictional television character, who was played by an actual television character, who was based on a comic-book character, who was herself the inspiration for a comic-book character…who was originally actually her.



In part 1 I recommended the issues which include the first appearance of Luke Cage and Jessica’s baby Danielle. This time I am simply suggesting that you buy them all. Why? The idea that Luke Cage cannot receive medical treatment comes right out of the Pulse series and could in fact be the source material for a season 2.

The Pulse #12

The Pulse #12


  • Mark H

    I was reading up on Patsy Walker and Fantastic Four Annual #3 is her first silver age appearance and arguably her first real appearance as in the FF it shows the old Patsy comics are actually written by her mother Dorothy Walker and aren’t a real representation of who she is.

    • Topher

      Great info, I was just reading up on the ff annual and apparently it was sort of a joke appearance and councided with the last published issue of her series. I have never read that annual but now there’s a reason to check it out! Thanks for the tip.

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