Alf #40 – April 1991

Alf #40Happy Belated Thanksgiving and Black Friday ladies and gentlemen!

In honor of the holiday, I give you a comic with very little spec value, but a fun comic none-the-less! It is Alf #40, from April 1991. The cover is by Manak. This comic does a couple things. First it gives a little nod to Thanksgiving, while also taking a little jab at the NBC Macy's Day Parade. You can also see that at the time Alf was cancelled by NBC.

This was one of those later in the series issues, with a very limited print run. The final issue has a print of under 1,000, but no hard number confirmed. So it is not hard to think this comic could be around the 1,500 mark. I know everyone wants the “Seal” issue and the final issue, but while you are searching for those, and happen to come across this one, take a stab and grab it!

Happy Hunting Fellas!


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