Spec Alert! Captain America vs Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War

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If you haven't yet, you should check out the recently released trailer for Captain America: Civil War.  The trailer ends with a seriously epic battle between Captain America & Bucky/Winter Soldier against Iron Man.

Featuring the first battle between Captain America and Iron Man, Tales of Suspense #58 was already on a ton of collector want lists prior to the Captain America : Civil War movie trailer but is now red hot.  As a bonus, this is also the 2nd appearance of Kraven and Captain America's 1st appearance in Tales of Suspense.   Buy it in any grade you can find it (at the right price) because I foresee no problems whether you decide to sell now or later. I can tell you that, if I find one, it's going into the personal collection. This classic Jack Kirby cover is iconic!

Tales of Suspense #58

With the Captain America (+ Bucky) Vs Iron Man battle in the Civil War trailer getting some definite heat, I think these three books also have the potential to be decent minor keys.

I'd like to give a shout out to my friend Jason B. for finding an Iron Man #228 on our Black Friday hunt and sparking the thoughts for this post.


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