Trey’s Hot Fiyah Spec: The Dark Knight Strikes Again Vol.1 #2



Most of us have already read the first issue of Dark Knight 3: The Master Race.  If not, stop reading now because there will be some spoilers below.


In Dark Knight 3 #1, we see that Lara Kent (aka Supergirl of Earth-31), the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman, is alive and well and will play a prominent role in this series. She shows up at the Fortress of Solitude inquiring about Kandor (which was a minor but apparently a huge part of the plot of DK2 and now DK3). Lara's first appearance is in DK2 #2 and she is an extremely powerful and interesting character. She was hidden by her parents because Superman was afraid what would happen if she fell under the control of Luthor and Braniac and had limited contact with her per the story. When she finally does meet her father, her first question is about sex………….weird I know, but this is Post 9/11 Miller and he went a little crazy for awhile per sources.

Kandor held 10 million Kryptonians and if the city is resurrected as it is implied, the Master Race on earth will be Kryptonians (Thanks Wade). Regardless, there is a ton of things going for this character. The offspring of Wonder Woman and Supes is a pretty big deal. In the New 52, Wonder Woman and Superman have had a significant romantic interlude for a few years now. It's not crazy to think that a child may surface because of it. Granted DC hates Earth 31 outside of the DKR universe, but this character is unique and I found her to be the most interesting character developed so far in the DKR universe. There is also another child introduced in DKR3 #1 that may have some significance down the road as well : )

This book isn't hard to find, rare, or anything that will cause it's value to increase other than the story. If this character ever shows up outside of the DKR universe there might be some major potential.


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