Classic Editions: Italian X-Force #0 Italian (New Mutants #98, 99 & 100)

This week were going into the Reprint Zone with a comic for the Deadpool collectors.

Published in 1994 by Lug in Italy, X-Force #0 is a comic that reprints New Mutants #98, 99 & 100 in Italian. This comic was available either bagged with a gadget(!) or unbagged.

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For the bagged version, it came with either X-Force sunglasses or a watch and they were 3 color for each version: black, white or red for the watch and red, green or yellow for the sunglasses. Get any of these and join the elite!!!

The first page reprinted the cover of NM 98. Imagine if they had decided to use the NM 98 cover instead of the NM 100, we would have a high value collectible here, but it's still a nice add-on to any collection, especially the one with the red watch.

You can find them for less than 20$ USD shipping included for the bagged version (unbagged is cheaper), if you are patient. And maybe one day we'll see a X-Force movie, so that NM 100 cover may not be that bad after all…

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