Spidey Super Stories #16 – April 1976

Spidey Super Stories #16

Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

Another Friday means another Cover from the Unknown! This week I go way back in the day, to my childhood! Besides the Incredible Hulk tv show from the 70’s and 80’s, another show I used to watch was the Electric Company, especially when Spider-Man was on it! Luckily, they also produced a comic from the show! So this week I give you Spidey Super Stories #16! Why this cover you ask? Well, mainly I love the Jaws movies, and could not believe when I saw this cover this weekend at my LCS. (For more Jaws Marvel covers, see this episode of CFTU).

This is approximately a $10 comic right now, and honestly there are not a lot of these on the online stores. I don’t expect a huge rush of people to go buy these, but this was one I had to add to my collection. And actually when going thru some of these back issues, I added a few others with a very early appearance of Thanos, and Ms Marvel (Hint, Hint). With a cool cover by Romita, and a not so big print run (less than 15k), you may want to add a few Spidey Super Stories comics to your collection! You won’t be sorry.

Happy Hunting fellas!

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    Agreed, these are super tough to find let alone find some in decent shape. I have three of the Spidey Super Stories 39
    And got the best one graded which came back a 9.4. Normally a 9.4 wouldn’t be too exciting but these books are tough!

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