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Justice League Movie Series

Part 1 Action! Superman

1st Appearance – Action Comics #1
1st Silver Age Appearance – Action Comics #221
Joined Justice League – Brave and the Bold #28

With a scheduled release date of November 17th, 2017, Justice League: Part One is set to take over the world. It's going to be gigantic and I'm sure DC makes sure this movie gets done right, as it figures to be their biggest blockbuster yet.

It was actually the Grant Morrison/Howard Porter/John Dell run on the JLA in 1997 that got me back into comics (for the 2nd time). The DNA of the Justice League is a long and complex twist of name changes, turns, and lots of teams. With a intertwined history to sort through and pick apart, the short version is that the Justice League is the Justice League of America (is the Justice Society of America?); is the JLA.

 The actual 1st Appearances of the Justice League's main characters are probably out of the hands of most collectors. And Superman's 1st Appearance, Action Comics #1, tops the list. This is the most important comic book in the history of superhero lore and most valuable comic book of all time. Published in June 1938 and created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman started off the Golden Age of comics. The last big sale of this comic topped 3.2 million dollars in August of 2014 in CGC 9.0 condition.

The 1st SA Appearance of Superman is a little cloudy. The consensus is that October 1956 kicked off the Silver Age and the post code super hero era. Logically, since ages are measured in time, October 1956 is when the Silver Age for comics began. Even if somebody in the future coined the term Silver Age to retroactively name that period of comics, if the term was referring to October 1956, that date still doesn't change.

In timeline reality, October 1956 is as accurate of a pinpointed month as we can get, since comics are mostly published monthly and were at this time. On this month in this year, Superman appeared in the Silver Age for the 1st time in Action Comics #221. There was not a Superman title published in October 1956. Wind your clocks, set them forward, set them back, whatever you need to do. Just know that you're here now, and that's the only thing guaranteed at this moment.

I couldn't throw this book up there and not talked about it. Superman was a founding member of the Justice League of America. The Justice League of America's 1st App was in Brave and the Bold #28. This book is doing crazy numbers right now, up 67% in the last year and tied for fifth as the most valuable comic of the Silver Age (according to Overstreet). A CBCS 1.0 recently sold for $1,350. This book is still undervalued.

Below is a list of notable alternate versions of Superman.

A book that is almost never talked about but is a major key is More Fun Comics #101 feat the 1st App of Kal-El aka Superboy, who also happens to be the Earth-1 Superman. Superboy #68 is the 1st App of Bizarro Superman.
A couple World's Finest for the crew cause fine things are good buys. World's Finest #142 is the 1st App of Composite Superman, a unique a very interesting character. Passing on the genes is World's Finest #215, the 1st App of Superman Jr. and Batman Jr.
Justice League of America #29 is the 1st App of Ultraman (Superman's evil counterpart from Earth-Three), in addition to the 1st App of CSA (Crime Syndicate of America), Silver Age Starman, Super-Woman, and Earth-3. A mega key stuffed w/key 1st Appearances. Adventures of Superman #466 is the 1st App of Cyborg Superman (portrayed by Hank Henshaw).
The 1st African American Superman is Kalel (Earth-23 Superman) aka Calvin Ellis and his 1st App can be found in Final Crisis #7. Kingdom Come #1 is the 1st App of possibly the best portrayed alternate universe Superman named Kal-El (Earth-22 “Kingdome Come” Superman).

Recommended Reading

      • Superman Chronicles Volume One
        Collects Action Comics #1-#13, New York World's Fair #1, and Superman #1.
      • Death of Superman TPB 1st Print
        Collects Action Comics #s 683 and 684, Adventures of Superman #s 496 and 497, Justice League America #69, Superman Vol 2 #73-75, and Superman Man of Steel #17-19.
      • Kingdome Come TPB
        Collects Kingdom Come #1-4.
      • All-Star Superman Soft Cover
        Collects All-Star Superman #1-12.
      • Superman Unchained Hard Cover Deluxe Edition Collects Superman Unchained #1-9


One of the first variants to start the high-priced variant craze is Superman #75 Platinum Edition. This book came in a poly bag and in order to get it graded, the ploy bag has to be removed. Definitely a sweet book when slabbed, your best bet is to buy a copy of this variant already graded, unless you want to take the gamble on the book being mint inside the poly bag.

Honestly, I dig the 3D lenticular covers. Tons of collectors were down on them as a gimmick to sell books. I think they are cool and fun to look at, plus some of them were good origin story reads. Superman Unchained #1 is also the comic that got me back into the hobby for the third time. A great story written by Scott Snyder, some wonderful Jim Lee art, and a 1st app of a big bad named Wraith, the Superman Unchained #1 RRP Lenticular 3D Variant is a variant that should be in every collection.

As always, thanks for reading, and yes, I do still believe in heroes!

And sometimes I do sleep with my Overstreet . . .

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