Robot Peanuts…say that 3 times fast!




Arguably the #1 Robot Cover in Golden Age comics this Lou Fine cover is an great example of some of his finest cover work.  Personally I am a bigger fan of Schomburg's cover to Startling comics #49 but I think it really comes down to personal taste as both covers are amazing.

There are only 10 copies of this book on the CGC census, which is not too surprising.  The average grade being 3.1 is a littler more surprising as is the top graded example coming in at a 6.0 with 2 copies in the .5 column.

SHELF DATE February 1940





(United Features)

The Peanuts movie came out this weekend, and I will take any excuse to showcase some of the coolest covers in comics.  Well, some of the coolest covers for Peanuts fans.  The 4 issue run of TTC with full Peanuts covers are near impossible to find and highly coveted among collectors, second only to the no numbered issue from 1953.  While big money may be paid for TTC 173 or United 21, the covers of both, quite frankly, suck…  Rest assured before my run on Classic Cover of the week is up, I will have spotlighted the remaining 2 full Peanuts covers.

Showing just how rare these Peanuts Tip Top covers are, there's only 9 Universal copies on the census with an average grade of 6.06.  A pair of 7.5s sit at the top while a 4.5 is at the bottom.

SHELF DATE of July 1954

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