Preacher #1 (1995) DC Comics

250px-393Preacher1 WRITER: Garth Ennis
ARTIST: Steve Dillon
The trailer dropped last Sunday as expected and people lost their minds. This book went nuclear. 9.8's are selling in some instances for over $1,200 now. Raws are being gobbled up quicker than they can be listed on eBay. The Preacher Preview, which according to census date is 20:1 more rare than the regular #1, is also getting blistering hot. What's really crazy is that this book hasn't even peaked yet!

Batman Vol 1#635 (2005) DC Comics

Batman635 WRITER:  Judd Winnick
ARTIST: Doug Mahnke
The rumors about the Red Hood being an integral part of the new Batman movie universe are popping up weekly now. It's almost safe to say that Jason Todd/Red Hood will be an important character for years to come. Copies of this book have been selling anywhere from $65 to $120 raw and there hasn't been a 9.8 copy available for almost a week. I like this book's potential, and according to eBay so do other collectors.

The Untamed #1 (2015) Stranger Comics

WRITER: Sebastian A. Jones
ARTIST: Peter Bergting
According to a group of idiots this book is all hype created by G+ groups. The same idiots haven't talked to the creators like some of us have and don't understand what's about to happen with this property. The SE has been selling for over $40 all week with even higher sales reported. It's the 1st appearance of Niobi and this book will be a good one to invest in regardless of what ignorant people tell you. I'm not at liberty to spill the news as of yet, but trust me on this one.


4 Batman Vol 2 #1 5th Print (2011) DC Comics

WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Greg Capullo
This book is now selling for higher dollar than the 1st print. Print runs are a crazy thing and rarity causes collectors to search out and buy them. Most collectors who only collect silver keys don't realize things such as supply and demand or common sense. Raws of this book are selling for over $100 and 9.8's have dried up everywhere. This is a good investment if you can find one cheap.


Divinity #3 LaRossa Variant (2015) Valiant

WRITER: Matt Kindt
ARTIST: Trevor Hairsine
Raw copies are selling for over $270 right now. This is a quality series and the LaRossa variants are obviously hard to come by. If the Valiant universe continues to expand and they keep putting out good books such as this series, then I don't see any reason why this won't continue to rise in value.


6 Howard The Duck Vol 5 #1 Lim Gwenpool Variant (2015) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Chip Zdarsky
ARTIST: Joe Quinones
The book everyone either loves or hates. Regardless, it was one of the hottest books of the week. It topped out at $85 and has settled down to around the $65 range. A first to market CGC copy indicates on the label that it is the 1st appearance of Gwenpool. No matter what they do with this character, this book will have some value for a while.


Alias Vol. 1 #1 (2001) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Michael Gaydon
Alias is still doing extremely well right now in the aftermarket. People are excited about the show and are using their wallets to prove it. You can't touch a NM raw copy for under $100 right now and 9.8's have settled into the $350 range. If the show is a hit, then this book will continue its slow ascent into a major modern key.


8 Supergirl And The Legion Of Super-Heroes #23 Hughes Variant ( 2006) DC Comics

WRITER: Mark Waid
ARTIST: Barry Kitson
This is one of my all-time favorite books as most people already know. What surprised me is the prices of this book in the past few weeks. Raws again are selling for over $300 in some instances and above $200 consistently. It's in my opinion the best cover in the modern era, and Hughes' best work. I'm not sure if the Supergirl TV show has anything to do with the recent bump, but I'm glad this book is getting the attention it deserves again. This book will hold its value for years to come.


9 Harbinger #1 (1992) Valiant

WRITER: Jim Shooter
ARTIST: David Lapham
Have you seen what 9.8 copies of this book have done in the past few weeks? This is again a $1000+ book in the fabled 9.8. It has a ton of 1st appearances from characters rumored to play a part in the upcoming Valiant movie universe. It's also the 1st appearance of Zephyr aka Faith. She has had some buzz recently, no matter what your opinion on the character is. This has always been one of my grails and it's awesome and frustrating that the prices are going up just as I was about to buy one : )

Batman Eternal #19

10 Batman Eternal #19 German Variant (2015) DC/Panini Comics

WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Chad Hardin
This book is still selling daily for above $40. The problem people are running into is that most don't make the journey across the pond undamaged. Most copies are in the VF/NM- range it seems. NM+ copies will go for a premium and if someone has some in grading right now and they get lucky, they might do really, really, well.


Tip Top Comics #173 (1952) Tip Top

WRITER: Ernie Bushmiller
ARTIST: Charles Scwhartz
Peanuts movie coming out, and I bet you didn't know about this little gem. You'll never find a copy, but for Ben C's sake I hope you do.


Justice League: The Darkseid War Batman (2015) DC Comics

WRITER: Peter Tomasi
ARTIST: Fernando Pasarin
This book is mass printed and not hard to find. The reason I have it on the HM list is because of the story. It's one of the best Batman issues I have read in years. He visits his parents' killer in jail, argues with Alfred, and shows the struggle of being in the Mobius Chair. The final page is what I find interesting – this is definitely a precursor to something huge.

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