The Day After Wednesday for 11/5/15

Want to know what yesterday’s books are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out yesterday, Wednesday 11/4/15. They could still be at your shop.


AVENGERS VS INFINITY #1 – ERROR edition. This issue was misprinted and is missing pages. Retailers were instructed to destroy all copies. Replacements are coming on 11/25. If you see any, grab them. These are selling for $15 and rising. While there are a bunch of copies floating around, misprint & error editions tend to have long term value and always be in demand. What’s not clear is if the Ron Lim Variant was also recalled. I assume so. It might be a good idea to pick one up if it’s cheap enough.

HOWARD THE DUCK #1 RON LIM “GWENPOOL” Variant – This was a no brainer. This variant was doing stupid numbers days before release and has pretty much held those prices. It’s really impossible to say what potential lies in this book. Nobody expected the Spider-Verse SPIDER-GWEN variant to do what it did. Right now, the market is showing a slight decrease in demand though. If you have a copy, watch this closely. Even the other covers are doing really well. All are selling consistently and over cover.

KLAUS #1 1:100 Variant – This book is TOUGH to find. As of right now, there’s only 1 on eBay (and one other with the wrong cover) and only a few previous sales. It’s currently sitting at about $80. However, if you got in early and at a low price, there’s a lot of potential (short term) in this book. Just don’t hold them for too long. This is a mini-series and the likelihood of this getting optioned is very slight.


HENCHGIRL & SELF STORAGE – Both of these titles were HOT last week and were both seeing solid sales. However, as speculation goes, these have already dropped in value. If flipping is your thing, then hopefully you did so already. If you didn’t, hold on to them. These titles are still hard to come by and could always hold long term potential.

Avengers-Vs.-Infinity-1-1-600x911 674756_howard-the-duck-1-gwenpool-variant STK687986


DEADPOOL 1 ANKA “MR. NOVEMBER” 1:100 Variant – This variant is selling for about $70. Why is this warm? Due to it being Deadpool, a 1:100 variant AND a new #1, I assume that most stores have this way overpriced. AND the crazy part is that they’ll actually sell at those prices. However, if you see them for around $40 or less…… you could see a nice return.

BONUS DEADPOOL “Keep on your Radar” VARIANT: DEADPOOL 1 ROB LIEFELD Variant – This is an exclusive for the Amazing Oklahoma Comic Con at the end of the month. The color is limited to 3000 and the B&W is limited to 1500. While these aren’t rare, people lose their minds when Liefeld draws Deadpool. Make that a limited con variant AND a #1 issue……. this book will be a beast.

NIOBE SHE IS LIFE #1 – This was probably the most discussed book of the week. There was also a lot of debate over the speculation and hype for it. While there was a lot of hype, it also came from a place of actual excitement and love for this character. The standard and variants are all doing well. It’s just not the earth shattering “send your kids to college” profits that people were expecting. The standard cover is selling above cover price and the variants are selling at “in-store prices”, which is about $20. There’s still traction and interest in this book. However, if you have copies, hold them. DON’T throw them on e-bay. The market place is already pretty full and will just lead to “the flood effect”. The very limited Hoknes variants are mailing out now, so it’s yet to be seen what that will do.

1497037_xl dpool2015001-dc23-153725 1482248_ful


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #3 DEL OTTO 1:25 Variant – Selling JUST above cover, which is really surprising. This is a really cool cover too. Variant fatigue is definitely setting in.







EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #1 CAMPBELL 1:25 Variant – These were pretty hot before release, but today, prices are only seeing $20 sales. Again, variant fatigue is setting in. There have been too many covers by the same artist, Campbell included. Stores immediately overprice these too. I LOVE his covers and pick these up for the PC, but lately these are poor investments.






JUSTICE LEAGUE DARKSEID WAR FLASH #1 – These Darkseid War covers are pretty cool.





SPIDER-GWEN #0 – Reprint of Edge of Spider-Verse 2


UNCANNY X-MEN #600 – All covers. Even the Hughes Variant is selling just above cover.



  • emiobeg

    There was also Free DC Preview copies of Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter #1 which will be premiering on Adult Swim.

  • Candletric

    AVENGERS VS INFINITY #1 – sell this. Error editions that are “missing pages” do not have long term value and this will not be in demand a year from now.

    NIOBE SHE IS LIFE #1 – all hype; no lasting market value unless a movie comes out. This was a hype driven book, make no mistake. “actual excitement and love for this character” – c’mon man, the character was JUST CREATED…. like Gwen-character. The market will determine years from now if these comics have true value.

    • Trey

      If you met the creators in Baltimore like Tony, Mel and myself did you would know that Niobi has things about to come out that will prove the hype is real. I hate hearing people who don’t know what they are talking about spouting off false information.

    • Matt D.

      You’re not wrong. However this book was available early on at NYCC and a few other cons. The reason it ever gained traction IS because people loved it and talked it up. Did the hype get too inflated? Yes, yes it did.

  • Avatar

    I had a stack of Avengers VS Infinity #1 in my sweaty mitts yesterday and put them back. Yes there was a printing error but everything else about that book sucks and I just couldn’t justify paying $6 a pop for a book I don’t think anybody will want in the long run.

    As far as Niobe, she’s been out for a little while through The Untamed series but yes mucho hype on this one. There is an animated series in the works so who knows down the line.

  • Santos

    Nice article matt, always look forward to it!

  • mcginness

    Matt – great write up – The email i got from my LCS said that both regular and Lim covers were error prints.

  • Simon Payne

    Darkseid wars superman is hot in UK, selling fir $15 to $20

  • Avatar

    If Niobe is all hype so is every other Indy release.

    Love when people add books to these lists. Hate when people attempt to throw their opinion in on facts.

    No one is talking 10 years down the road….the article is the day after.

    Great article Matt!

  • Simon Payne

    Anyone know what pages the misprint is missing?

  • Ben Steiniger

    Nice work Matt. This is a difficult and time sensitive weekly post. I appreciate your hard work on it.

  • mcginness

    For the record – My Lim Variant has Lady Thor clonking Dracula on the face with Mjolnir – page split in half left/right – pre clonk and clonk 🙂 can someone verify if regular cover is the same?

  • Jizzy Gillespie-Wade Winnard

    Great work Matt!

  • Avatar

    Picked up the Campbell variant from my LCS for $20. I figure it can go up, we shall see.

  • Avatar

    Extraordinary X-Men that is…

  • Ben C

    I really really like the Xmen variant, think it will pick up in the long term, at least I hope. I left 20 copies of Avengers error int he trash @ a shop Wendesday, could have taken them for free, no interest in the effort for a book that is not going to be worth much a few months from now. Most retailers are hip and know enough to either sell or keep the free books as they were instructed to “throw them in the trash” and are getting replacement copies free of charge. Free money, very few of these were actually thrown out IMO.

    And of course, great job as usual my friend, I look forward to this column!

  • Khoi Cakes

    Great article Matt! A lot of details to help for those of us who don’t get to LCS as quickly as others or are just late!

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