Superman #41 German Edition – Batman vs Superman Cover

Let's take a look at another cover that was published to mark the occassion of the Comic Action Con in Essen, Germany, a few of weeks ago.


Limited to 555 copies, if this cover sounds familiar in this section it's because we already talked about the French Batman Day offering which sported the same cover. However, the print run for that one was way superior (10K) and, on top of it, this comic has a back cover:


… making it a great pre-BvS:DoJ comic to have. I wonder if DC will take note of their European and publish these teasers somewhere as they look amazing and having them in comic format is always nice for the collector.

Reports of printing errors and spine damage have plagued this book's sibling Batman Eternal #19. We are possibly looking at the same story with this book, so good luck if you are planning on getting a pristine copy of any of these two, but if you do, it will probably be worth it!!!


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