Alias Vol. 1 #1 (2001) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Michael Gaydon
It's amazing what a trailer can do for a book in this day and age. The full length trailer dropped late last week and caused this already popular book to hit the next level. Raw copies in NM are selling for over $120 and 9.8 copies are slowly approaching $400. I'm not a fan of TV driven speculation, but David Tenant's portrayal of Purple Man looks haunting and well done. If women support this show and character it might be worth investing in at this current price point.

Divinity #3 LaRossa Variant (2015) Valiant

1434352_xl WRITER: Matt Kindt
ARTIST: Trevor Hairsine
Divinity and the LaRossa variants have been hot from almost the get go. They are super limited and only a few hundred copies are available of each. Rumors about the two other astronauts appearing in this book for the first time and being the central characters for Divinity II have caused this book to eclipse the $200 mark raw with no signs of slowing down. Valiant is doing a good job of putting out quality books right now. Their paper and cover materials are second to none at the moment.

Hack/Slash: Euthanized #1 (2004) Devil’s Due

WRITER: Tim Seeley
ARTIST: Mike Norton
Who would have thought this book would have hit the $125 point a few weeks back? If you had a stockpile of these before the “TV Deal” rumor, you have done well for yourself the past couple of weeks. These are selling as fast as they are put on ebay right now, for $125+ in some instances. Low print run, good story, and an alleged “Walking Dead” style show has caused this to move up the charts faster than the new Adele song.


Rick And Morty #1 Cover D Incentive Justin Roland Variant Cover (2015) Oni Studios

WRITER: Zac Gorman
A copy of this book sold for $500 this week on ebay. The 3 previous sales were $408, $420, and $484. I haven't watched the show, but people who have praise how funny and witty it is. Books like this cause non-comic fans to search for them and pay a premium at times. I honestly thought $400 was the ceiling but I was wrong. If you have a chance to buy one, it might be worth holding onto and waiting.

Captain Marvel Vol. 6 #17 2nd Print (2013) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Kelly Sue DeConnick
ARTIST: Filipe Andrade
Kamala……… just won't leave will you? Every week that goes by, this book eclipses its previous high sale in the 9.8 category. We are at $800 right now and the only copies available to purchase are north of $1k on the eBay. Her series isn't doing as well as it once was and the rumors about a TV show have died down as well, but there is no slowing down the Inhuman Muslim teenager from NY.

6 Preacher #1 (1995) DC Comics

WRITER: Garth Ennis
ARTIST: Steve Dillon
Hello old friend, it's nice to see you! The long awaited Preacher trailer will make its debut during the Walking Dead this Sunday. If the trailer is good, this book might just get stupid again. 9.8 copies are selling for over $800 consistently, as are the much harder to obtain Preacher Previews. Let's hope Rogen did the show justice and it's a home run. If so, this will reach Walking Dead value quickly. If you haven't bought by now, you don't have much time honestly.

Batman Eternal #19

7 Batman Eternal #19 German Variant (2015) DC/Panini Comics

WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Chad Hardin
This isn't my favorite cover ever but there were only 999 copies of this printed and, as everyone knows, Harley is the hottest thing in comics not named Deadpool. This is selling for $40+ and selling well. I don't know if this will have holding value, but rare Batman books and anything with Harley on it tend to do well for long periods of time.

8 Self Storage #1 (2015) 451 Media Group

WRITER: Clay McLeod Chapman
ARTIST: Matt Timson
The small print run strikes again. The one thing you can count on in this era of speculating is that “low print runs” do well the 1st couple of weeks after release. If a book is suspected of having one it usually does well, then word of mouth pushes it even further. 451 is owned by Michael Bay and the thinking behind this speculation is that it will eventually be developed for film or television. I haven't read it yet (because I can't find a copy), but most reviews I have read say it's a quality book. Quality and quantity are the main ingredients for us Pump and Dumpers!!

9 SUNFLOWER #1 (2015) 451 Media Group

WRITER: Mark Mallouk
ARTIST: Lee Carter
Recycle what I said previously in #7 and this applies to Sunflower #1 as well. This story has a lot to do with tragedy and coping.  I'm excited to read where it's going. I honestly don't know where these books are going to go in the near future as far as value and speculation of value, but they are a good read. Good reads usually turn into something bigger.

10 Outcast #1 (2014) SDCC Skybound 5th Anniversary Edition Black & White

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Paul Azaceta
With the Outcast premiere inching closer and closer, this book is starting to get hot again. Regular copies are selling for around $30 which is way more than I thought they would ever be valued at. The SDCC B/W variant is by far the rarest version of this book and has been selling consistently well over the past 2 months. The problem is finding a copy. The last raw sold on eBay from MCS graded at an 8.0 and sold for $75. The last graded went for over $200.


Klaus #1 1:100 Burnham Virgin Variant (2015) Boom Studios

WRITER: Grant Morrison
ARTIST: Dan Mora
This title comes out next week and will either be brilliant or be used to start fires this time next year. Grant Morrison is writing it so it has a chance. The premise is interesting but this isn't a sure bet. There is a 1:100 variant from Chris Burnham that will be available next week. How many shops honestly are going to order 100 copies of this book? My guess is not many, making this title an interesting investment. If the series does well, then this book will be worth its weight in gold in all likelihood.

The Untamed #1 (2015) Stranger Comics

WRITER: Sebastian A. Jones
ARTIST: Peter Bergting
Thanks to Jimmy Linguini, Mel the Movie Guy, and Jason Szczesniak for making me aware of this title. It's the 1st appearance of Niobe. Yeah….I don't know what she is or anything about her, but people are already jumping on her bandwagon. This is her 1st appearance.

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