The Wednesday Indie One


One book to rule the week

If you could only choose one comic book to buy from all the new comics being released this Wednesday, what would it be?

Last Week's One

It's a good time to be an indie comic publisher, it would seem … Last week 451 comics seemed to take the spotlight with Sunflower #1. Small prints are in and this week the trend continues!

673239_a7cce5261f5a3c6be20109637f52bd9b7cd5f8caIn a Wednesday One first, this week all 10 comics picked come from 9 different publishers! Let's take a look!!

This Week's Contenders

Let's see what books are being talked about this week!

Art Ops #1

Art Ops #1


Book of Death #4

Book of Death #4


Justice League Darkseid War Batman

Justice League Darkseid War: Batman #1

DC Comics

Secret Wars Handook

Secret Wars Official Handbook of Marvel Multiverse #1


Manifest Destiny #18

Manifest Destiny #18


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #51 1:10 Eastman Variant



Wes Craven Coming of Rage #1 Bloody White Limited Cover B

Liquid Comics Llc

Moz S: Especially if you could get the white collector's edition for under 10 bucks at your LCS (sold out at Midtown). While a movie may now be somewhat uncertain, there's a big fan base for the late Craven. Sold out at Midtown.


Henchgirl #1

Scout Comics

Moz S: Big believer in books where writer is also the artist, especially when one excels at both. Ensures nothing gets lost in translation. There's already a big audience for her work through

Welcome to Showside #1

Z2 Comics

Brian S: Don't sleep on Welcome to Showside #1. Already been optioned…

Mark C: Welcome to Showside #1, if only because the show will have Henry Rollins as a voice actor 🙂

Runner Up


Black Magick #1


CVR A: Nicola Scott  CVR B: Jill Thompson  CVR C: Rick Burchett

“CVR C is the magazine format size issue – that might see a bump in price as I don't think a lot of stores will bother to get it.” – Chris B

“Experienced writer and a plot that catches.” – Marc T

The Wednesday One

Self Storage #1 (of 6)

451 Media Group

Writer: Clay Chapman   Art: Matt Timson

Price: $3.99

“Obvious choice for this week given the recent focus around 451 Media” – Moz S

“For sure going to be in demand” – Chris B

451 media takes it againdue to confidence in the recent search for the next hot low print gem. Is the next Walking Dead around the corner as indie publishers are given a spotlight? We want to know what you think and are buying! Don't forget to let us know your opinions count leave your comments below, come over to the forums, or CBSI to let us know. There can only be one!


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