Sometimes the numbers just don’t add up in the comic book world when comparing sale prices. That being said, it’s time once again for ‘Choose That Book!’ I am going to give you some examples of similar books that sell for differing amounts. This should give you some idea of what might be undervalued and what might be overvalued based on the numbers. Answers will be shown at the end.

Scenario #1

Book 1: Team centered #1 book. #1 is a reboot issue. Popular character featured front and center on the cover. No significant 1st appearances. Upcoming movie.

Book 2: Team centered #1 book. #1 is a reboot issue. Popular character featured on the cover. No significant 1st appearances. Upcoming movie.

Print Run CGC 9.8 Population CGC 9.6 Population
Book 1 44,981 79-Sells for $300 53-Sells for $150
Book 2 49,260 47-Sells for $100 26-Sells for $65

Scenario #2

Book 1: 1st Appearance of a prominent member of a hero team. This character is shown on the cover. 1st Appearance of a prominent team of villains. 2nd Appearance of a classic, iconic villain. This villain is shown on the cover. Upcoming movie.

Book 2: 1st Appearance (cameo in the prior issue) of a prominent member of a hero team. This character is featured on the cover. Upcoming movie.

Print Run CGC 9.8 Population CGC 9.6 Population
Book 1 Unknown 48-Sells for $1400-1500 49-Sells for $1000
Book 2 Unknown 73-Sells for $1100 70-Sells for $850

Scenario #3

Book 1: 1st Cover for up and coming popular female character. No movie/TV news confirmed as of yet.

Book 2: 1st Appearance for up and coming popular female character. 1:30 Variant. No movie/TV news confirmed as of yet.

Print Run CGC 9.8 Population CGC 9.6 Population
Book 1 Unknown. < 5000 44-Sells for $700-800 21-Sells for $400-500
Book 2 Unknown. Appx. 650 4-1 sale for $1000 2-Raw sold for $615


Scenario #1

Book 1 is Suicide Squad #1 (2011). Book 2 is New Suicide Squad #1 (2014). The numbers say that these books should be closer in value than they actually are. Virtually identical print runs, and, given time, graded numbers will be similar as well. Both have amazing covers and both feature Harley Quinn. Yes, this is the team being used in the first movie, but that will most likely change by the 2nd movie. Yes, the 2011 was at the beginning of The New 52, but now that is over and done with, it will be an afterthought in the near future. What is important to note here is that while the 2011 issue may be slightly overvalued, the 2014 appears to be largely undervalued. The 2014 team also has more popular team members with Joker’s Daughter and Deathstroke.

SUICIDE-SQUAD-1hold New_Suicide_Squad_Vol_1_1buy

Scenario #2

Book 1 is Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #36. Book 2 is Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #46. FF #36 features the 1st appearance of Medusa, the 1st appearance of the Frightful Four and the 2nd appearance of Sandman. FF #46 features the 1st Full appearance of Black Bolt (he cameoed in FF #45). Black Bolt and Medusa are the King and Queen of the Inhumans but, arguably, Medusa is more popular. The numbers show that #36 sells for about a 20% premium over #46. This percentage should be wider. FF #36 has a lot more going for it that #46. True 1st appearances, more popular character, pre-dates the Inhumans 1st appearance, etc. Also look at the graded copies. #36 is much tougher to find in high grade at the moment. Both are great books, but spend the extra $200 and go for #36.


buy buy

Scenario #3

Book 1 is Captain Marvel (Vol. 6) #17. Book 2 is Captain Marvel (Vol. 6) #14 Conner Variant. Neither print run can be verified (#17 was outside the Top 300 and Book 300 had a Print Run around 5000. #14 print run was approximated using simple math based on print run and variant ratio for comparison purposes only). I apologize to our own Khoi Cakes (YRoc), but THE Kamala Khan book to have is Book 2. Yes, #17 is her 1st cover, but 1st appearances, long term, are generally more sought after than 1st cover. Throw in the fact that the Conner Variant is almost an urban legend at this point and it only further makes this 1st appearance of Khan a future Modern Grail. Just do a quick search on eBay and you will quickly see the disparity in availability between these 2 books. Again, both are great, but (if you can find it), spend the extra $100-200 and get Book 2.

Captain Marvel #17 2nd Print




  • MerrillMarauder

    Excuse my ignorance on the matter, but why is EBay pricing a measure of worth on a tittle, is there anything else we can compare and contrast to?

    • Ben Steiniger

      You can use whatever you like to measure value, it is just a good measuring stick across the board. You wouldn’t want to compare prices between Overstret, Private auctions and con prices as they wouldn’t be consistent.

  • tiredguy

    Great article.

    I think eBay is the best measuring stick because it’s a sample of EVERYBODY. It lets you know what people like me who live far from major cities, and by extension far from decent cons, and large LCSs, will spend.

  • Avatar

    I love these articles! Great Job!

  • Avatar

    Disagree completely with Example number 3 , Captain Marvel 17 2nd print has a print run of less than 1,000 copies – according to information from Diamond, few boxes were sent out, and from their numbers less than 1,000 passed through them, simply because of the insanely low amount of reorders .

    While issue 14 is the first Kamala Khan, issue 17s cover is the FIRST time that we see Kamala EVER as Ms Marvel, this is before any real indication of what she would later become, it has nothing to do with her just appearing on the cover, this is the actual first time that we ever get to see her as the hero – while both issues are extremely rare, her first appearing AS the superhero is much for significant than her appearing in a crowded fruit stand – at the end of it, they should both be seen as mega keys, but the first appearance of the hero in costume, ESPECIALLY on a front cover, nothing else can come close to that

    • Avatar

      Not technically correct about issue 17. As all new marvel point one is technically the first time you see her as ms marvel on the cover. As cgc as lists this book as her first full apperance. Just an FYI

      • Avatar

        Read again, 17 2nd print is listed by CGC and CBCS as the first time we see a full ms marvel in costume, it pre dates all full costume appearances of her , point one is our full introduction to her, but 17 2nd print is significant because it shows her as ms marvel before point one was even released

  • Trey

    incredible job as always, blown away

  • Khoi Cakes

    Great article Ben! Agree with you about the Conner variant – it’s a ghost and if you do find it, it’s much more expensive than #17 2nd. The thing about #17 is that while it is definitely a huge key, at pretty much any point there is one available (at a high price, but still available). Would I scoop up either if I had the cash? Yes, but I’d choose the Conner first.

  • Moff

    That Connor variant is a Real Must have
    While the second print is also a nice Comic to own Lets face it, it is a second print

  • Avatar

    17 2nd looks like she needs a massive dose of benadryl, the Connor 14 is a beautiful piece of art. I want the 14 and I don’t like k.k.

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