Patsy Walker: Hellcat #3 1:10 Variant – December 2008

Patsy_Walker_Hellcat_Vol_1_3_Variant_MonkeyWelcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

Happy Friday to all! Ok, in a few short months, Hellcat will re-debut in an all new series. Depending on how that goes, I am guessing a lot of her back issues will see some heat. Obviously her first appearance and origin will be front and center. But here is a little gem that may also see some pickup! I give you Patsy Walker: Hellcat #3, the 1:10 Marvel Apes variant. By Stuart Immomen. What’s so special about this variant comic? It’s her first and only variant! We know that will change in December, where I am sure there will be about 10 different ones for #1!

These are available at many online shops right now. All under $10. But here is something to make note of. The regular print has a print run of 8,500. So with this being a 1:10 variant, that means there is possibly only 850 of these out there! If her new comic does take off, people will want this variant. And imagine if there is a lot of cosplayers soon with Hellcat outfits. Go get one of these! Hold on to it. Good luck!

Happy Hunting fellas!


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