Great Scott! It’s Back to the Future day!


One book to rule the week

If you could only choose one comic book to buy from all the new comics being released this Wednesday, what would it be?

Last Week's One

STK681738While Clandestino #1 is performing really well, a quick look at eBay says that this is the most sought after book from last week.

Let's take a look at this week's books!!!

This Week's Contenders



Uncanny Inhumans #1 Adi Granov Variant

Marvel Comics

Anthony L: Granov Inhumans!



1872 #4

Marvel Comics

Eddie O: Didn't think I'd be into a Marvel western but it's been so good. How many series have a major hero get fed to pigs? This one did.


Beauty #3


Eddie O: Do yourself a favor and check this series out!


Karnak #1


Moz S: Do you see a Black-Bolt #1 or a Medusa #1? Also Warren Ellis writing it. Hiphop variant is fun and the Zaffino variant has so much black, good luck finding it in mint condition in after-market.

Mark C: For reading, Karnak: Warren Ellis and some kickass variant covers.


Clean Room #1

DC / Vertigo

Moz S: Vertigo's much anticipated new title from Gail Simone

Louis J: I like Jon davis-hunt's artwork!


Invincible #124


Kevin D: Reboot? New jump-on point? Could be something here…


Wolf #4


Kevin D: You either love the lisp or you don't….


Tokyo Ghost #2


Kevin D: Excited for #2 after being pleasantly surprised by the first entry.


The Shield #1

Dark Circle Comics

Mark M: Sunflower looks good but don't forget The Shield.
Brian S: The Shield is volume 3 I believe. If it were a volume 1 series that was just starting, it would have a better chance at being a book to profit from.

Runner Ups


Back to the Future #1


Eddie O: Back to the Future #1 for reading and its incentive variant for spec. Bob Gale, one of the main guys behind the movies, is helping to write it, it's in canon, and the art looks great. I've been really looking forward to this book/series.

Brian W: Back to the Future #1, but mostly because it comes out on the day that Marty goes into the future……annnnnd I'm hosting a Back to the Future Party that day 🙂

Louis J: For the read back to the future #1 written by Bob gale the original screenwriter with zemeckis on the trilogy

Jason J: Might also grab a Back to the Future for nostalgia's sake.


Justice League #45

DC Comics

Kevin D: Darkseid War has been the only DC issues that I've enjoyed in a while. Must read that's being overlooked by the Marvel Launch.

Mark M: Who knows whats going to happen in Justice league after last issue 🙂 🙂

Jason J: Justice League 45 is a must read.

The Wednesday One

Sunflower #1

451 Media Group

(W) Mark Mallouk & Andi Ewington (A) Lee Carter

Price: $3.99

Brian S: Sunflower #1, no doubt.

Moz S: Strong creative behind this one

Kevin D: With the recent trend in micro prints getting that initial quick boost by Friday after release, I see this hitting 2x-3x cover quickly.

Buck C: Pretty much sold out everywhere, assume a small print run. Written by the guy who wrote the move Black Mass which has a 75% Rotten Tomatoes rating. This has movie written all over it!

Mel V: Sunflower was a great read

Louis J: For spec has to be mark mallouk's Sunflower #1

Mark C: Sunflower for spec.

Jason J: For spec: everyone else says Sunflower, so sounds good to me. I'll grab one if I come across it.

Did we miss one? What would you buy? Your opinions count leave your comments below, come over to the forums, or CBSI to let us know. There can only be one!

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