This article isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out yesterday, new comic books Wednesday. They could still be at your shop.


CHEWBACCA #1 B&W 1:100 Variant – Selling for about $100. Great buy if your stores are now selling SW variants for cheap.

SPIDER GWEN #1 BRADSHAW 1:25 Variant – Selling for about a $30 average.

UNCANNY AVENGERS #1 CAMPBELL 1:50 Variant – Selling for about $50-$60. Seems to be holding at that.

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DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS #3 (2015) 1:25 Leth Variant – Selling for about $20.

CLANDESTINO #1 (Standard) – Selling slightly above cover. One to watch.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1 B&W ADAMS 1:50 Variant – Selling for $50. Buy if it’s $25 or less. (for a sudden drop buffer)

1492119_xl 1470184_xl 1492100_xl


ASSASSINS CREED #1 – Very few sales for all covers.

CAPTAIN AMERICA SAM WILSON #1 CASSADAY 1:50 Variant – Selling for $14.99. All other are either slightly above or at cover.

CURSED PIRATE GIRL SPECIAL ANNUAL 2015 #1 – VERY few sales. Hard to find? What has sold is selling at cover. Keep an eye on this.

GUARDIANS OF GALAXY #1 – All covers (other the Adam B&W) are just above or at cover.

GOON IN THEATRE BIZARRE #1 – Standard and Variant selling below cover

I HATE FAIRYLAND #1 – Standard and Variant selling below cover

LUMBERJANES BEYOND BAYLEAF #1 Variant/Standard – No sales on the variant (avg. list price: $14.99)


SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1 – All covers

SUPERMAN LOIS AND CLARK #1 VARIANT – Averages $9.99. Only buy at cover price.




1492126_xl 1492116_xl 1492106_xl


  • Jonnyh101

    Those cosplay variants really are pointless and not exactly appealing

  • Ben C

    EXCELLENT info. Well done brother!

  • Santos

    Cosplay variants are terrible, i wonder if a whole set would grab a lot of attention though.

  • Avatar

    Good knowledge Matt! Thanks for taking the time out to research.

  • Avatar

    Nice article. Those cosplay variants ate terrible.

  • Khoi Cakes

    Nice article Matt, especially since I miss almost new books every week.

  • comickiller72

    limited variant chasing (with the intention of flipping) will wind up leaving you broke with a headache from too much researching and stuck with product you don’t want Then you wind up dumping at lower price than you bought it for.

    Its like one big pyramid scheme.

    I buy action figure variants of comics I am going to buy anyway (Stars Wars, Iron Man, Dr Strange all had them) but these were for my personal collection and I paid like $2 above cover to get them.

    As for the variant quick flips. I am NOT playing that game.

  • Matt D.

    Comickiller72, I toally agree with you. Flipping is tough and is something that is super hard to do. I simply started doing this list for myself as a shopping list with accurate market prices so that I knew how much I needed to spend on a book. This can be used for flipping, but it can also be used to make sure you get a fair price on the PC books you’re keeping. That was my initial intention. Thanks for checking it out!

  • itseddieok

    Nice job, I like seeing the follow up to books that were being talked about!

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