Classic Cover of the Week 10/12/2015


New Week, New Covers!!




With Fox publishing the first 11 issues, Holyoke took over for issues 12 and on.  Artist Ramona Patenaude finishes off her 3 issue cover run(Issue 10-12) with amazing pencil and ink work on this classic WWII/Good Girl/Bondage and Torture cover.  The white out spot on the cover is actually Holyoke whiting out the Fox logo from their newly acquired title.

This book is a ghost…  There are 4 Universal copies on the CGC Census.  A 7.5, 7.0, 6.5 and a 3.5…  I have seen one raw copy for sale and it was coverless.

SHELF DATE of June 1942





From the very first Issue, Captain America Comics had tones of Horror to a large majority of the covers.  Starting with issue #74 and ending the following issue the title changed on the cover to Captain America's Weird Tales which featured a couple actual horror stories.  Martin Nodell provided the pencil and inks for this classic Red Skull cover.

A surprisingly high number of Universal copies on the CGC Census with 44 copies.  Though the highest graded is an 8.0, a 2.0 at the bottom and the average grade is 4.72

SHELF DATE of October 1949

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