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Polarising opinion on this weeks main spec book & then some random Canadian book!

1. Scooby Doo Team up #12

There's been a lot written about this book in the last week, mostly polarising opinions on whether it is good spec or not.

I originally became aware of this book when CBSI member Jason S bought it to my attention back on 29th June (he's well ahead of the game) 🙂

I had a big preorder with Forbidden Planet who cancelled my (and many other people's) orders two weeks before it was released!!!

Still managed to get some and this book has seen highs of £25/$37.50 sales but seems to have settled now around the £15/$22.50 mark.


2. The Pitiful Human Lizard #1

Canadian comic which originated from a kickstarter project (the only listing I could find for one of those was the one and only Jimmy Linguini's) and has now been released through Chapter House Comics.

Apart from it being Canadian I know nothing about this book. I only discovered it doing my weekly search through what books are selling for decent returns.

The only sales I found are from last week at cover price. Now all of those are gone and the only listings left are for £15/$22.50 for cover A (no listings for cover B or C)

Will they sell? Who knows! It has potential though so if you see it in your LCS for cover, why not take a gamble?

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