Holy Robin Wars, Batman!


With the Robin Wars on the way, starting December 2nd, what better time to take a look at the many folks who have worn the Boy Wonder's costume! There may be one minor spoiler if you have not been reading the We Are Robin series, be forewarned.

Dick Grayson


1st Appearance and becomes Robin in: Detective Comics #38

Other identities: Nightwing, Batman, Red Robin (Kingdom Come)

Currently: Agent #37

Things to know

The original Robin & founder of the Teen Titans.


Dick was the first to appoint Damien as Robin during the Battle for the Cowl event.


Out of all Batman's allies Joker hates Dick the most.


Superman, his hero, gave him the name Nightwing after a Kryptonian legend. Superman put on the Nightwing costume before Dick in Superman #158


With Dick's identity as Nightwing revealed to the world, Batman told him to fake his death and infiltrate an organization known as Spyral that know the identity of all the Bat-family. There was a disagreement but eventually Dick agreed and is currently Agent #37 of Spyral.


Jason Todd


1st Appearance: Batman #357

Becomes Robin in: Batman #368

Other identities: Nightwing, Wingman, Red Robin, Batman

Currently: Red Hood

Things to know

Comic book readers voted for him to be killed by the Joker, the ad to vote ran in the back of Batman #427. 5,343 voted for him to be killed against 5,271 who wanted to save him


Jason returned as the Red Hood in the ‘Under the Hood' storyline but his new anti-hero traits were inspired by an earlier storyline, ‘Hush'. Clayface impersonates an angry Jason Todd to attack Batman, it was in a later sloppy retcon that it was in fact Jason not Clayface in Hush.


Batman actually taught Jason how to use a gun in Batman #410


Leader of the Outlaws a team of three Jason Todd, Starfire and Arsenal. Starfire has now left for her own solo series.


Tim Drake


1st Appearance: Batman #436

Becomes Robin in: Batman #442

Other identities: Red Robin

Currently: Batman Beyond

Things to know

Tim is the best detective of the Robins. Tim deduced the real identities of Batman & Robin at the age of 9. Being a big fan of the Flying Graysons recognized Dick's moves, he was in attendance when the Graysons were killed.


The New 52 reboot brought big changes to Tim Drake, no longer did he see Dick at the circus, although close never figured out Batman and Robins identity, doesn't know Stephanie Brown (his love interest) and his real name is not even Tim Drake it is a name given by the Witness Protection Program, his parents went into hiding leaving him with Batman.


Stephanie Brown


1st Appearance: Detective Comics #647

Becomes Robin in: Robin #126

Other identities: Spoiler (pre-new 52), Batgirl

Currently: Spoiler (New 52)

Things to know

Daughter of the villain Cluemaster


The popular Artgerm covers for Batgirl Volume 3 are actually of Stephanie Brown not Barbara Gordon.


In the New 52 Stephanie Brown is still a bit of a mystery it seems her time as both Robin & Batgirl did not happen but she has been seen hanging out with Batgirl recently.


Damian Wayne


1st Appearance: Batman: Son of the Demon (As a baby), Batman #655 (cameo), & Batman #656 (1st full)

Becomes Robin in: Batman – Battle for the Cowl #3

Currently: Robin

Things to know

The only child of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul


Died at the hands of his own clone (The Heretic), brought back to life with Superman's powers and returned to normal in a span of 2 years.


Damian has been travelling the world, has made a friend of Nobody II and has no clue there are other teens running around Gotham as “Robin”.. he will not be pleased.


We Are Robin(s)

Duke Thomas


1st Appearance: Batman (Vol. 2) #21

First seen as Robin in: Batman & Robin: Futures End #1 (Alternative timeline)

Becomes Robin in: We Are Robin #1

Things to know
During Endgame (Batman #37) the Joker staged the events of the Waynes' death in Crime Alley, using Duke and his parents. Batman saved them but they were infected by Joker serum, they have not been seen since leaving Duke a ward of the state.


In the Future's End timeline (Batman & Robin: Futures End #1) Duke is shown grown up and the Robin replacing Damian after his death, of course now he's back and the Future fixed.



Riko Sheriden


1st Appearance: Detective Comics: Endgame #1

Becomes Robin in: We Are Robin #1

Things to know

Parents died in automobile accident when Riko was an infant, she was also in the car but survived without a scratch.

Batgirl fanatic. Prone to anxiety and talking to herself.


Dre Cipriani


1st Appearance: Detective Comics: Endgame #1

Becomes Robin in: We Are Robin #1

Things to know

His father, a member of the Maroni crime family, was murdered by the Falcones when Dre was 8.


Daxton Chilltumblr_np01za2YJl1r74s1jo1_500

1st Appearance: Detective Comics: Endgame #1

Becomes Robin in: We Are Robin #1

Things to know

Briefly performed in hardcore band, Scuzzy Muff. Left to join punk group, The Frown Clown.

Like most of the We Are Robin pack Daxton also comes from a broken home his father gone and mother an alcoholic.

Isabella Ortiz


1st Appearance & becomes Robin in: We Are Robin #1

Things to know

 Excels at language.

Parents alive, has two siblings.

Troy Walker


1st Appearance & becomes Robin in: We Are Robin #1

Things to know

Star athlete.

Father was injured during Endgame, putting him on disability.

His picture appears in the solicitation for Robin War he appears to have died in We Are Robin #3, will it stick? Most likely yes but time will tell.


Robins Outside Earth Prime

Carrie Kelly (Earth-31)


1st Appearance & becomes Robin in: The Dark Knight Returns #1

Other identities: Catgirl

Things to know
1st female Robin.

Becomes Catgirl in Dark Knight Strikes again.


The most popular version of Carrie Kelly is in Dark Knight Returns, is not part of regular Earth Prime continuity. However..


Carrie Kelly (Earth Prime)


1st Appearance: Batman & Robin (Vol. 2) #19

Carrie Kelly does come into regular continuity in Batman & Robin #19 (New 52) showing up on Batman's door as a friend of Damian's after his death.


Here are the changes Carrie saw coming into the New 52

DK Carrie Kelly is 13ish vs New 52 Carrie who is 18ish

DK Carrie is Robin/Catgirl vs New 52 Carrie only wears the robin suit at a costume party, not taking any hero mantle.. yet

Tris Plover (Elseworld)


Only Appearance: Robin Annual #5

Rochelle Wayne (Elseworld)


Only Appearance: Batman Reign of Terror #1

 Robin the Toy Wonder (853rd Century Robin)

download (1)

1st Appearance: Young Justice #1000000

Robin 3000 (Elseworld)


1st Appearance: Robin 3000 #1

Helena Wayne (Earth 2)


1st Appearance: Huntress (Vol 3) #1

Becomes Robin in: World's Finest #0

Currently: Huntress

Things to know

On Earth 2, Helena Wayne is the child of Batman and Catwoman.


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