Hulk (2008) #33 1:20 Tocchini Variant – July 2011

Hulk #33 Greg Tocchini X-Men Evolutions Variant

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Do you remember when Marvel used to like the X-Men?? Yeah, I know, me either…..but long ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was a time when that was true. They loved them so much that they gave them their own variant month!! It was called X-Men Evolutions. Many different comics each had their own X-Men grace the cover of the comic. Most were 1:20 variants, such as Cyclops on Amazing Spider-Man and Hope on Wolverine. The one that sticks out to me was Emma Frost on the Hulk. It was #33, a 1:20 variant by Greg Tocchini. I do like this since it shows the different incarnations of Frost.

The regular version of this comic has a print run of only about 28,000, so this does mean there are no more than 1,400 of these out there. Its not a lot at all. Sadly, since Fox owns her movie rights, and Marvel wants to disown all the X-Men I am not sure this will ever be a “hot” comic. But if you do want to take a chance, you can find these on the bay or amazon, many for under $10. In the wild, these seem to be very hard to find. This has not translated into higher online prices though. Take a chance, and while you are at it, look for a few of the other Evolutions variants also!

Happy Hunting fellas!

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  • Matt D.

    This is a great cover! Never seen it before…. I don’t even remember this variant theme month. Thanks for the heads up. With all these old theme variants shooting up in value, is it time to stock up on DC’s Bombshell, Selfie, Harley, Joker, etc. themes? Probably not.

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