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Booster Gold

History of the DC Universe 2

History of the DCU 02-00fcNot only is this a wonderfully drawn Perez work but it’s the earliest Booster Gold appearance outside of his 1986 title.


This issue also appears to be the first appearance of the 1987 Suicide Squad team, predating Legends 3.


New Teen Titans 29

New Teen Titans Vol 2 #29

For fans of Booster, this is his first appearance ( within a story ) outside of his own title.

The New Teen Titans Vol 2 #29 p28


Weaveworld 1-3 ( Marvel Epic )

Weaveworld #1First Nightbreed and now Clive has another work in development. Here is the first comic appearance / adaptation.

Kraglin Obfonteri

Tales to Astonish 46 ( First Kraglin Obfonteri )

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 #46OK so I am not really sure if this is the same Kraglin as the Marvel Cinematic Universe but Mr. Gunn has stated that he takes characters from the Marvel 616 and reworks them for the GOTG. The Kraglin from this Silver-Age gem is quite difference in appearance.


Comic Kraglin


Movie Kraglin

Gunn has stated that he will be returning for the GOTG sequel.

Court of Owls

Batman Volume 2 issue 1

BATMAN #1 SketchI’m not a fan of featuring comics that are way out of the average collector’s price range but this 1:200 variant deserves an exception. I really only mention it because it’s the first appearance of the Court of Owls, one of the most original and fan appreciated Batman creations in a long time. It looks like the Court of Owls may be coming to the Gotham TV show and if that happens this one will only continue to rise in value.


Ya’ll know I love collecting ALL appearances of many popular comic characters, teams and facilities. The DC releases newsletter published some interesting comic material that was unavailable elsewhere. Here are the highlights:

Issue 1 June 1984 ( Interior preliminary art for Swamp thing 25 )


This issue published preliminary artwork for the interior to Swamp Thing 25. Why does that matter? Fans of John Constantine will tell you. The only problem here is that I cannot confirm that the material published features the art in question. This one is a massive reach but if there are Bissette pages that feature Stin… um, John then it’s worth it for any collector!

Issue 2 July 1984 ( New Teen Titans 44 )


Though this issue of Releases doesn’t predate Comic Collector 3 it does preview the cover to TT 44!


Issue 18 November 1985( First Superboy Prime )


The cover for DC Comics Presents 87 is previewed here.

Issue 21 Feb 1986 ( First Appearance of Booster Gold )

DC Releases #021-001

Issue 37 June 1987 ( Unaltered cover art for Detective 575, Batman with a gun )

DC Releases #037-001Alan Davis’s famous cover for part one of Batman: Year Two was redrawn by DC and caused him to leave the title. Davis was not happy with the request to change the gun to a smaller pistol. This art was presented in this issue of DC Releases.

DC Releases #037-003


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