One spec against many readers


One book to rule the week

If you could only choose one comic book to buy from all the new comics being released this Wednesday, what would it be?

Last Week's One

Last week the combination of Rick Remender & Sean Murphy took the one spot with Tokyo Ghost #1. They still sell for slightly above cover and got itself good reviews, but doubtful to become a sensation anytime soon. This week we have one book that could take it all pre-selling at $25 but there are more great reads, who will be the Wednesday One? Let's look.


This Week's Contenders

Let's see what books are being talked about this week!

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Negative Space #2

Patrick T
Enjoyed the first issue


Squarriors #4

Anthony L

I highly suggest this series.


Power Cubed #1

Seven Percent #1
John D
A fan of science, so I'll probably pickup:
PowerCubed and 7Percent

Batman Endgame Special Edition #1

Ronan K

Batman Endgame Special Edition #1 features a brand-new eight page story that leads into BATMAN & ROBIN ETERNAL


1872 #3

Eddie O

Pretty light week for me but I am going 1872 #3. It's been a really good series and some pretty insane stuff happened in #2 so I'm really looking forward to #3.


Thief of Thieves #31

Khoi P

I decided to give the series a try and it is spectacular. Definitely looking forward to ToT #31.


 Public Relations #1

Mark C

Going to take a chance on Public Relations #1. They released some of the pages a while back, I'm mixed on the art but I really like the title page.


Public Relations #1


Exit Generation #1


To read


Having read this when it was published in the UK, I can guarantee it's a great book. Absolutely recommended!


Wolf #3

Matt B
Great book!

Louis J

For the read!


Over the Garden Wall #2


Spec pick


Book Of Death Legends Of Geomancer #3



Weirdworld #4

Mark H

This series is one of the few that make sense to me in the Secret World a chunk of land for the lost B, C, and D-listers of Marvel that beats most A-listers series.

The Wednesday One… s

Usually the slower the week the more we can't agree on a single pick and this is one of those! On one hand we have Deadpool vs Thanos with a lot of love for the Hildebrandt cover, while on the other Scooby Doo Team Up with Harley and Ivy on the cover. With this series of Scooby Doo Team Ups possibly coming to TV will it hold? Let us know which one is yours in the comments!


Deadpool Vs Thanos #2

Writer: Tim Seeley   Art: Elmo Bondoc   Price: $3.99

CVR A & D: Tradd Moore   CVR B: Greg Hildebrandt   CVR C: Ron Lim

Ben S

I want, er, NEED, the Greg Hildebrandt DP vs T #2 variant. Greg and Tim's (R.I.P.) art was amazing back in the 90's and, I may be mistaken, I don't think he has had a cover in over a decade…and this one looks as sweet as ever!

Mark C

Hildebrandt covers are few and far between, have the Spectre 11 and the Vampirella one somewhere, not expecting much spec wise but I'll be proud to own it just for the art.

Louis J

Deadpool v thanos #2 really want that hildebrandt variant

Khoi P

For cover, I would go with the Hildebrand variant of the Deadpool vs Thanos.

Mark H

Deadpool vs Thanos #2


Deadpool vs Thanos #2


Scooby Doo Team-Up #12

Writer: Sholly Fisch   Art: Dario Brizuela   Cover: Dario Brizuela   Price: $2.99

Eddie O

For spec I'm going Scooby Doo Team up #12. It's got Harley in it and has a low print run which makes it worth getting all on its own. However the first 13 issues of this series are being animated and put on TV in 2017 so this could end up being a really nice issue to have.

Drew L

I think Scooby Doo Team up #12 just to see how fast the price drops. Currently around 24.95  and most of the sellers do not even have the book in hand (but are expecting to scalp local comic store) as they pre-sold it

Louis J

ill probably pick up a couple of scooby doo team up 12's to flip if i get them at cover

Anthony L

Scooby team up with Harley

Jason J

I'll grab the Scooby-doo book for spec if I see it, but only for cover.


For spec

That's it for this week. Did we miss one? What would you buy? Your opinions count leave your comments below, come over to the forums, or CBSI to let us know. There can only be one!


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