Captain America Sex Criminal


Pretty slim pickings from last week.

1. Sex Criminals #11 2nd print variant

Using the cover from the fantastic 4th print of Sex Criminals #1 comes this stick-your-head-in-the-hole cor added laughs cover (only your head isn't that small, so maybe just stick GI Joe's head in it!!!).

Selling pretty well in the UK at about 3 to 4x cover, a definitely worth picking up book if you can grab it for cover price.

As news comes out about the Sex Criminals TV show (not sure how they are going to make a TV show out of this comic that's not 18 rated!!), expect most issues of Sex Criminals to rise in value.


2. Captain America White #1 1:50 JSC variant

First J Scott Campbell featuring Kamala Khan. Expected this to achieve a higher price, it's selling for £29.95/$45 in UK at  the moment. The main thing that kept its price down being one of the major UK eBay sellers having about 15 copies.

Like a lot of JSC stuff this could see some rise in price though, settling around the £40 to £50 mark in my opinion.

This book has been delayed by about 7 years with #0 (which is reprinted here) coming out in 2008!!! Let's hope the next issue is not such a long wait!


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