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1st Punisher

Nothing new to say about this one, but let's take a look at some number of recent sales … PGX 9.8 broke 4K, 9.6 around 3K, 9.4 around 2K … Comparing this to the data provided by (9.8 averaging 6K, 9.6 at 2.4K and 9.4 at 1.4K), I am going to say that people don't like PGX but the general price is going up … Netflix, we are all ready for (and counting on) that Darkhawk series, please!



Amazing Spider-Man #135

2nd Punisher

Reaching 1K in certified high grade, there are not that many copies of these around or at least they are not being sold. Just a quick reminder, the Punisher does appear in the last page of #134, but I wouldn't say it counts as a full appearance.



Giant Size Spider-Man #4

3rd Punisher

This issue is easier to find than the previous too, but being an annual from the 70s, I am pretty sure the binding would make this difficult to find in good shape. A good comic to have where the Punisher took as much logo space as Spider-Man. That a character would jump out to his own title tryouts (Marvel Preview and Marvel Super Action) after just three appearances back in the day says a lot about its success.



Marvel Preview #2

4th Punisher / 1st Punisher Solo

This is probably a bit harder than the others to find in good shape, so the 9.8 is inching towards 1K. I would expect the regular sized comics to make a lot of people forget about this one, but this is still the first solo Punisher cover and story.


PUNISHER (2000) #1 (White Variant)

Punisher #1 White Variant

Wizard's most favoritest comic

I wanted to include one of the latest (compared to the others in this article) #1 issues and people that followed Wizard probably remember this issue fondly. For a while it seemed like this was the hottest thing under the sun and, as this business moves in cycles, you never know when this could rise again.


Marvel Knights Punisher Omnibus by Garth Ennis

Sold out hardcover

This easily sells in the $300-$400 range every day, which might not sound like a big return investment (original price was $100), but considering Marvel reprinted the Alias Omnibus when the Netflix series was announced, this one will probably follow soon.


Eminem / Punisher

The Punisher's 2nd weirdest crossover

With the hip hop Marvel coming up, you might want to get your hands on one of these as even if it's already rare, I would think it's about to get a lot rarer. A fun little story where Eminem and the Punisher fight each other and then Barracuda (in classic team-up fashion), this giveaway might be extra tough to find in good grade. There was a sale for $199 on eBay, and this has potential to do better.

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  • Avatar

    Thanks for the article!
    Also of note on the Marvel Preview 2 magazine that is the first origin of the Punisher as well as the first appearance of Dominic Fortune

  • Avatar

    Punisher #1 (of the Mike Zeck mini-series) seems pretty hot, as well. I just saw a close if not NM copy at my local comic shop, and it was $50. Not huge, but room to grow I’d bet. That Mike Zeck mini pretty much “created” the current version of the Punisher (along with Steven Grant, the writer.)

    • Iñigo

      Absolutely, that’s the problem with the Top 5 format … I would have also put there the Frank Miller drawn Spider-Man Annual, one of the Miller Daredevil issues, some of the last issues of the first ongoing seem to start going up in price, … A lot of books to cover.

  • microchipsandsalsa

    Nice article! I just got my grail about a month ago. Now I’m trying to flip everything to pay for ASM129.

  • John D

    Surprised to see the hardcover selling that high. I wish there were more Punisher and Elektra keys. Only a few books really.

  • ApoMast

    GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-MAN #4 features the first appearance of Moses Magnum by the way

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