Marvelous shattered heads lopped for the empire


Running a bit late this week, but better late than never. No real amazing specs from last week but a couple of quick flips out there.

1. Head Lopper #1 cover A & B

Originally released as a self published book by Andrew Maclean, this was originally bought to my attention by the pasta pimp Jimmy Linguini prior to Image picking it up and combining the self published issues 1 and 2 into this new Image release. (if you can find the original pre-Image versions they sell for good money – £35/$50+)

The Image version is currently selling for 2 to 3x cover so it's worth picking up if you can get it for cover at your LCS

hl1 hl1b

2. Star Wars: Shattered Empire #1 1:25 Movie Variant

The reason I have included this is last weeks flips is because not all places priced this as a 1:25 variant.

The main example was Forbidden Planet who were selling this at cover, so if you were fortunate enough to grab some of them before they sold out you could quadruple your money as these are selling at £10/$15+

Although this book is only a mini series I do think it will have long-term appeal as not only does it carry on from Return of the Jedi and lead into the force awakens (filling in an important gap in Star Wars lore), there is the simple fact that Star Wars fans LOVE Star Wars. I know comics fans are dedicated but Star Wars fanatics are on a whole other scale.


3. Ms Marvel #18 Manga Variant

Really need to catch up on my Ms Marvel reading, always loved this book but I must admit I am a fair few issues behind. That aside this Manga cover by Retsu Tateo is selling well at about 3x cover price right now.

Really nice cover featuring Kamala Khan and Carol Danvers. This could have legs.


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