Ghost of Sex Criminals vs J Scotts Inhumans


One book to rule the week

If you could only choose one comic book to buy from all the new comics being released this Wednesday, what would it be?

Last Week's One

Last week Batman #44 was THE reader of last week although it lacked the origin story of Mr Bloom some buyers were hoping for, it got terrific reviews nonetheless and can still be moved at a couple bucks over cover, if you're a Batman fan get it for the read alone! This week may look a little slow but there is always one, let's take a look!


This Week's Contenders

Let's see what books are being talked about this week!


Spider-Verse #5

CVR A: Andre Arujo CVR B: Jamal Campbell

Mark M
This week will begin the origin of Spider-Gwen


Manifest Destiny #17

Agustin S
If you ain't reading this you are missing out on a GREAT series!


Comic K

If Alfred Hitchock wrote for CSI it would be something like this. Police “whodunnit” mixed with psychological thriller with some of the most amazing artwork in a monthly title. Fantastic read and even better speculation long term for the whole series. Currently selling about 11 to 12,000 copies a month this is thinly printed and we DO KNOW that Bloodshot is getting a movie from Sony tenatively scheduled for 2017. You should be picking up everything Bloodshot related.


Harley Quinn #20 Green Lantern 75 Variant

Jason J

If I see the Harley variant I'll grab it for spec, tho I don't hold high hopes for any big return. Just hold it for future completion-ists sales…


Wonder Woman #44 Green Lantern 75 Variant Cover

Mike S

I will get are GL Wonder Woman variant


CVR A: Jeremy Haun CVR B: Ben Templesmith  CVR C: Robbi Rodriguez

Beauty #2

Jason J
Not much I'm interested in, I'll probably pick up beauty #2 for reading. The first issue was interesting, but this issue will seal the deal on whether it's worth continuing.


CVR A: Stuart Immonen CVR B: Immonen Sketch Variant CVR C: JTC Action Figure Variant

Star Wars #9

Comic K
Well Duh.. Because its Star Wars. Regular covers, variant covers, action figure covers. It don't matter just get them. As we get closer and closer to the next film release all things Star Wars are red Hot for any big return. Just hold it for future completion-ists sales… 

Agustin S
Star wars, nuff said!


Sex Criminals #12

CVR A: Chip Zdarsky  XXX Variant: Kate Leth

Comic K
After a long summer hiatus caught a lot of people sleeping when issue #11 dropped and flew off the shelf. It did have the gimmicks that helped it sell out but make no mistake about it. We do know that this series has been optioned by Universal Television to be in live action. (Way to hardcore to be on traditional TV but would be incredible for a Netflix series) usually selling in the 20 to 22,000 copy range a month virtually all issues are severely under printed. Once they announce a release date and casting for the live action show all back issues will explode. The premise is a couple that can Stop Time when they orgasm so they decide to rob banks. WTF? Matt Fraction is a sick twisted genius for dreaming up something this far out!

Mark H
Sex Criminals #12 XXX cover by Kate Leth is all I have down

Mark M
The bagged variant of Sex Criminals

Sex Criminals 12 Kate Leth XXX cover


Captain America White #1
(J. Scott Campbell Inhuman 50th Anniversary Variant Cover)

Jason J
For spec definitely that Campbell variant, but only if I found it cheap (I've been spending too much$ lately).
Simon P
It's all about captain America white #1 1:50 J Scott Campbell variant
Agustin S
Cpt. America white # 1 inhuman variant. Awesome cover, JSC did good with this one.
Khoi P
Captain America White #1 Inhumans 50th JSC cover – Inhumans, JSC, Ms Marvel, nuff said.
Mike S
The Inhumans Campbell variant. These guys know how to draw their women
If i can find one cheap enough then cap america white campbell variant, thats a big if though!

The Wednesday One


Tokyo Ghost #1

Writer: Rick Remender Artist: Sean Murphy

Cover A & B: Sean Murphy

Price: $3.50

A new Image comics #1 with a dream combo of Remender and Murphy no matter if this is a book that increases in value or not, it's sure to be a great read. Cover A is already a hard to find book with plenty of copies pre-selling a buck or two over cover on eBay.

Mike S
Both covers look insanely good and Remender is a fave of mine.
Been looking forward to Tokyo Ghost for a while so I'll probably pick up both covers.
Marc T
Rick Remender and Sean Murphy team seems promising.
Justin W
Tokyo Ghost #1,  Why: Remender + Murphy
Mark M
Tokyo Ghost
Agustin S
Looks interesting. Remender+ Murphy, yes please!
Mark H
May have missed out on this Tokyo Ghost sold out all over!

That's it for this week. Did we miss one? What would you buy? Your opinions count leave your comments below, come over to the forums, or CBSI to let us know. There can only be one!


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