Classic Cover of the Week 9/14/2015


New Week, New Covers!!  Getting a little “artsy” today…



(St John's Publishing)

 William Ekgren cover in the abstract style.  Very unusual to see this kind of art on a comic book or any publication really.

8 Universal copies on the CGC Census.  An interesting spread here with a single 8.0 at the top and a single 4.5 being the lowest.  Average grade comes out to around 5.8.

SHELF DATE of March 1953






One of the more intricate and one of the most sought after LB Cole covers in comics.  Same can be said for issue #2 from this run with its amazing cover.  Nearly impossible to find both issues command serious money in any grade.

25 Universal copies with an average of 4.86.  One 7.5 example tops the chart and a lone 2.5 holds the bottom place.

SHELF DATE of March 1945

As always, thanks for looking, folks!

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