Mega Man, Borderlands, Iron Spider, Galen & More!

Mega Man

There’s going to be a live Mega Man film. Yay. The first appearance of this Capcom property is not an easy find though.. The best I can come up with is this 2003 DW issue and that ‘s only if you don’t count the Hitoshi Ariga originals that were later collected by Udon in 2010.

Megaman #1

Megaman #1

NIntendo Power 6

There is a Mega Man comic sequence in this issue of Nintendo Power which could make it the first american comic appearance!

Nintendo Power #6

Nintendo Power #6

Note: This issue is also a major key for another reason. If anyone knows why please look smart and mention the reason in the comment section!

Borderlands: Gamestop Exclusive

A Borderlands movie should generate some heat for the first comic appearances of major characters. The origins mini is slowly drying up everywhere. My money is on the Gamestop Exclusive variant for issue 1.

Borderlands #1 Gamestop Variant

Borderlands #1 Gamestop Variant

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

So Hannibal TV show star, Mads Mikkelsen recently signed some Star Wars mech for a fan and signed it, Galen?! Is this reference to his character in Rogue One? If so the only Star Wars character named Galen is Galen Marek. It’s a reach but if it ever proves to be true this is his first appearance:


Note: There are multiple printing for issues 1 & 2 of both the trade and HC.

The Iron-Spider

Amazing Spider-Man #528

Amazing Spider-Man #528

Amazing Spider-Man #528

If the Iron-Spider suit created by Tony Stark makes it into Civil War look out for this issue. Even though the first full appearance is on the cover of issue 529 Tony can be seen working on it in this Spidey issue!

Last Page of Amazing Spider-Man #528

Last Page of Amazing Spider-Man #528

The comic to get is this hard to find sketch variant:

Amazing Spider-Man #528

Amazing Spider-Man #528 Retailer Variant

Tim Drake

Batman 436

Batman #436

Batman #436

This Batman issue is the first appearance of Tim Drake and has a healthy print run. Drake has seen some love from collectors as DC has made him the new Batman Beyond. IF Drake makes any sort of appearance in Batman v. Superman this issue will explode. I recommend looking for the 2nd printing with the green DC logo.


Previews April 1991

Previews April 1991

There has been some talk around CBSI concerning the first true appearance of X-Force. So far I still say that issue 100 of NM is the first but this issue of Diamond Previews could very well be the first appearance and/or first cover!


  • microchipsandsalsa

    Nice. Not sure why all these books that have xforce team pic only would qualify as 1st app? To me it would have to be in a story format. But anyway, been selling new mutants annual 6 pretty easy these days.

  • bryan.mcclay

    I believe that Nintendo Power is J. Scott Campbell’s first published art. Albeit, he was like 9 and sent in a drawing, but still published 🙂

  • Just want to point out that DW Megaman issue 1 has a rare holofoil variant cover. That should what collectors should chase.

  • Khoi Cakes

    Great info Topher! Will dig through the bins for that Batman.

  • Is Marvel Knights 20 a potential spec given the Renew your vows buzz? I can’t take credit for it, I saw it on a different site.

  • Nick Lauersdorf

    I never comment on this site, but the one time I check, there’s something Nintendo related, so to get to my point. I have no faith in comic books that are Nintendo related for speculation purposes when it comes to film/movies. Almost all Nintendo collectors don’t give a crap about these (Some collect Nintendo Power, but virtually no one will care if it’s the first appearance in a comic strip. It’s significant because it is an early Nintendo Power issue.) This was shown during the, what was strongly believed to be, confirmation of a Zelda TV series where speculators hopped on the bandwagon and that’s all that happened. The book didn’t even spike noticeably from the speculators because so few bought into it because Nintendo is a different market.

    Mega Man’s cover first appeared in an issue of Nintendo Fun Club News (I want to say 4 but maybe 3. I’d have to double check. It may have come earlier, but I’m not too sure for book/magazine format because I haven’t skimmed these any time recently), Mega Man’s name is in every of the first 10, at the very least, Nintendo Power issues, the first tip for Mega Man is in Nintendo Power 4 I believe, and the first title screen appearance of Mega Man 2 is in Nintendo Power 5, and so on.

    If anything spikes, it would be Mega Man for the NES even more (Heck, CIB versions have gone up a decent amount over the past year or two) and its sequels, but even I doubt that they will because of the movie; if it continues to go up more, it will be because it is an awesome game that has a large demand and is relatively scarce to find in stores.

    I believe Nintendo is pretty much a completely separate market from comic books. I do not believe those 2 books, at least the Nintendo Power definitely, will gain any traction at all because of this movie; I believe any small and temporary price in spike would be from comic book speculators alone and no one will buy those books to keep the price up for an even relatively small amount of time or even long enough for the initial speculators who bought the book to receive it and then resell it at a profit.

    As an avid Nintendo collector, this is my opinion.

    • Topher

      It is hard to tell with first appearances of game adaptations. Some of the Valiant issue are quite tough to find which is often an important point for those collectors who enjoy the hunt just as much as sliding a gem into a fresh Mylar. In this case I am concerned with comic or sequential art appearances only. I wouldn’t consider any printed image of the NES games, tips, or mentions of the character as a first comic appearance. As far as Mega Man is concerned, the earliest comic appearance is NP 6 if you don’t count the original foreign stuff I mention above. I still believe NP 6 is undervalued but more for the first published work of a famous comic artist and less for the Mega Man stuff. If Mega Man is on the cover of a newsletter as a comic character which predates NP 6 of those foreign works please let me know! That would be valuable news to me. I do agree that comics like this often do not set the market on fire. Live action movies tend to help and I think that if Metroid, Mega Man or Zelda were adapted that way then their first appearances would do well at auction. For me getting the information out there and letting collectors decide is my first priority. Thanks for your informed response!

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