Moon Knight Spec


moon_knight_by_francescoiaquinta-d5wyjytREAL NAME: Marc Spector

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6’2” / 225 lbs

POWERS: Moon Knight gains enhanced strength, endurance, and reflexes at night, reaching his pinnacle during a full moon. Sometimes has prophetic visions.

ABILITIES: Marc Spector is a skilled boxer, commando, martial artist, gymnast, and pilot. Moon Knight’s  multiple personalities grant him resistance to some psychic assaults.

GROUP AFFILIATIONS: Secret Avengers, Avengers, Avengers West Coast, and Defenders associate.


WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #32ARTIST: Gil Kane (cover) WRITER: Doug Moench

WHY: 1st Appearance of Moon Knight PRINT RUN: NA

JUICE: The first appearance of Moon Knight has always been tough to find in high grade condition and within the past year this book has really picked up. The Werewolf By Night series wasn’t a hugely popular series towards the end which makes the print run smaller and issues harder to come by. All conditions are selling, low grade to high they are all on fire. Even though this character hasn’t been picked for film or television, this Bronze age key has cemented its way into one of the top keys of the age.

With Dr. Strange opening up the magic/occult side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this will pave the way for other characters such as Moon Knight. In the character’s origin, he is mortally wounded underneath the Egyptian god Khonshu’s statue and is revived by striking a deal with him in return for his service.

This is a solid purchase for both flipping and marinating on, if this character gets translated into a film or TV show it will make Iron Man #55 look like a minor key.

eBAY COMPLETED RAW SALES: Low and mid grade copies are more plentiful and still attainable price wise. Low grade copies are selling for $100+ and mid grades range between $300-$500.

eBAY COMPLETED GRADED SALES: High grade slabbed copies are fetching over $1K with 9.2/9.4 as the average highest graded copies available. There are only a handful of 9.8 copies on the census, if you see one grab it as they are RARE.

Werewolf by Night #33

FLIP/MARINATE: MARINATE/FLIP! Buying a few low grade copies to flip into a mid or high grade copy is definitely possible right now, like most keys copies of this book don’t last long on eBay or Amazon if priced correctly. Wouldn’t hurt to keep a copy or two in case Moon Knight is optioned.


JUICE: As a firm believer in 2nd appearances and this is no different. Throw in a low print run (for the time) and the fact that there are more high grade copies available than #32 but with a dark cover it is more prone to creases. #37 is considered a 3rd appearance but it’s a little tricky, Moon Knight appears on the cover and in the issue but in a dream as Jack Russel is being shown his most recent adversaries.


Marvel Spotlight #28

ARTIST: Don Perlin WRITER: Doug Moench

WHY: 1st Solo Moon Knight story PRINT RUN: NA

JUICE: As mentioned before, Werewolf By Night #37 isn’t recognized as Moon Knight’s 3rd appearance and as such this makes it not only his 3rd but is also his 1st solo story which is a two part story. When Moon Knight first appeared he was a villain but his popularity grew slowly as this appearance was four years after his debut! It is also Conquer Lord’s first appearance.

Ironically enough, Werewolf By Night debuted in Marvel Spotlight, this series gave many characters their start including: Spider-Woman, Deathlok, Ghost Rider, and also Red Wolf.

As the first solo Moon Knight story, he is reintroduced as a hero. An undervalued issue that is just starting to pick up steam after a Moon Knight feature in the last Overstreet guide. This issue is easier to find in high grade than the WBN books. Marvel Spotlight #28 is a rising key that should not be overlooked, scoop these whenever you can.

Marvel Spotlight #29

eBAY COMPLETED RAW SALES: Copies are still relatively cheap with an average of $30 for mid grades and high grades are all over the map.

eBAY COMPLETED GRADED SALES: 9.8 copies are selling for $900, there are definitely more 9.6’s than 9.8’s. 9.6’s are selling for right around $400 which is a huge price gap between the 9.8 so it will catch up.

FLIP/MARINATE: MARINATE! This issue is burning up right now, prices haven’t settled for this key yet. Pick up this key whenever you can, Bronze books had heavy print runs so it won’t be hard to find. Remember quality over quantity!


JUICE: The Moon Knight storyline spans for two issues so definitely scoop this issue as well. Prices for this issue raw are right below #28 and can be found at affordable prices graded. A NM graded copy will set you back under $200. Moon Knight’s next appearance is in Defenders #47.


Marvel Preview #21

ARTIST: Bill Sienkiewicz WRITER: Doug Moench

WHY: Bill S. Moon Knight pre Moon Knight #1 PRINT RUN: NA

JUICE: An important book in Moon Knight’s history, this marks Bill Sienkiewicz’s first Moon Knight work predating Moon Knight #1 (1980). Sienkiewicz defined the Moon Knight character in the 80’s with his near full run that spanned over 30 issues! Marvel Preview #21 has been a difficult issue to find in high grade and has seen a steady rise in the past year. Mid grade and low grade copies are more common but as seeing how this key issue is sought after you will see them dwindle.

eBAY COMPLETED RAW SALES: Low grade copies are cheap and under $20, mid grade copies are selling between $30-$50, and high grade you will be paying anywhere between $75-$100.

eBAY COMPLETED GRADED SALES: No recent graded sales.

FLIP/MARINATE: MARINATE! It is just starting to pick up steam, definitely has room to grow. With its scarcity it will only raise in value as copies dry up.


JUICE: A more commonplace issue that is not difficult to find but has been slowly increasing in value over time. NM copies raw aren’t difficult to find graded copies will fetch over $200. Moon Knight’s origin is told in this issue.

MOON KNIGHT #25 (1982)

Moon Knight #25

ARTIST: Bill Sienkiewicz WRITER: Doug Moench

WHY: HTF in high grade PRINT RUN: NA

JUICE: A classic cover from Bill Sienkiewicz showing Moon Knight and Black Spectre. Besides sporting an amazing cover it is a comic that is difficult to find in high grade condition, there has been a few sales fro this book but all are VF and below. There are plenty of cool covers to pick up from the original series but there are a few black covers that are tough as well.

eBAY COMPLETED RAW SALES: A NM raw just recently sold dirt cheap for $6, this book isn’t on many people’s radars.

eBAY COMPLETED GRADED SALES: There are only 11 9.8’s on the CGC census, none have sold recently. If one pops up pounce on it.

FLIP/MARINATE: MARINATE! This book has potential based on its scarcity in high grade and because of the Bill cover.


JUICE: Another black cover which will be difficult to find in high grade, pick this one up when you find it. A graded 9.8 copy sold for $30! Solid Moon Knight cover to boot!

MOON KNIGHT #15 (1982)


Moon Knight #15

ARTIST: Frank Miller (cover) WRITER: Doug Moench

WHY: Early Frank Miller cover work PRINT RUN: NA

JUICE: As Miller was earning his chops he started doing more covers for Marvel, a few highlights include the Starlord Marvel Spotlights, ROM, Spider-Man, Captain America, and of course Moon Knight. Miller did four covers starting with issue #9, he also did #12 and #27 as well, #15 being the hardest to procure in high grade condition. There’s plenty of black which shows all flaws and plenty of white as well which will collect dirt. This cover was also worked on by Joe Jusko with Miller to add to its value.

eBAY COMPLETED RAW SALES: NM/9.4 recently sold pretty cheap, find them and buy them when you can. Tip: a kneaded eraser can help with dirt on white covers, just be gentle!

eBAY COMPLETED GRADED SALES: No recent graded sales for this book, grade it yourself or wait for one to pop up!

FLIP/MARINATE: MARINATE! Frank Miller’s early work is starting to gain some steam, pick these up cheap and let them mature.



ARTIST: Stephen Platt WRITER: Terry Kavanagh

WHY: HTF Platt issue PRINT RUN: NA

JUICE: Stephen Platt is the 2nd in a dynasty of fan favorite Moon Knight artists, his distinctive and detailed art work made him an instant hit with fans and became hard to find on his consequent issues. Pretty amazing considering his run only lasted 6 issues! Out of Platt’s Moon Knight run this is the gem of the bunch, an intricate cover highlighting the artist’s strengths. This issue is also Stephen Platt’s first published work which made him an instant hit, whereas most artists struggle for years for recognition/popularity.

Pick up as many copies as you can because this book will only go up in price, over the past year sold graded 9.8 copies have been increasing in price by 18%! Moon Knight’s first appearance has blown up over the past year which will start a trickle down effect by pushing up all key issues in price. Try finding a newsstand copy of this one, double dog dare you.


eBAY COMPLETED RAW SALES: Lower NM copies are selling for $30, high grade should run you about $50.

eBAY COMPLETED GRADED SALES: A 9.8 recently sold for $250 with the previous one selling right at $200, as this issue continues to grow it will be THE go-to modern Moon Knight book to own.

FLIP/MARINATE: MARINATE! #55 hasn’t stopped growing, pick these up and hang on until something is announced.


JUICE: Stephen Platt only had a six issue run but they were all instant classics, even though the rest of the issues have never hit the same price point as #55 they all have potential to grow. #57 has seen a spike in price in the past year (selling at $40 raw) with #56 behind it in price, the last three issues are the more common ones. 9.8 #60’s will be more difficult to find in high grade due to the black cover!


Moon Knight #1

ARTIST: David Finch WRITER: Charlie Huston

WHY: Preview Copy PRINT RUN: NA

JUICE: The third member of the Moon Knight artist dynasty is David Finch whose style and detail have made him a new fan favorite amongst Moon Knight collectors. There is a variant for this issue that has a NOT FOR RESALE box where the bar code would go. It was a preview copy of the book and is falsely mislabeled as an RRP variant on some online listings but unlike other preview books this is a complete copy of issue #1. Usually preview copies are discarded and aren’t treated similarly to regular books, regardless of how many were printed the real question is how many survived?

eBAY COMPLETED RAW SALES: Last sale ended at $50.

eBAY COMPLETED GRADED SALES: No recent sales, PGX 9.8 on eBay now for $185 OBO.

FLIP/MARINATE: MARINATE! Copies are drying up, secure yours ASAP.


JUICE: This series lasted 30 issues and sported plenty of amazing covers, a few variants, and a couple of guest covers by Arthur Suydam. Now this #1 had a few variants and this one is the gem out of the bunch, a 1:25 sketch variant of cover A and boasts a print run of 4,000.


Moon Knight #6 Blood Variant

ARTIST: David Finch WRITER: Charlie Huston

WHY: Bloody cover PRINT RUN: 3,000

JUICE: David Finch again with a Bloody and tattered Moon Knight cover! The regular cover is basically the same with the exception of the blood, hence the name of the variant. There is no real information out there as to why Marvel printed a censored/uncensored version of this cover.

eBAY COMPLETED RAW SALES: Copies can be found under $10 and is not very difficult to find.

eBAY COMPLETED GRADED SALES: Just a copy of a 9.8 sold recently for $31!

FLIP/MARINATE: MARINATE! This issue has a while before it matures if it ever does, if Finch’s run and covers pick up this will be one to own.


JUICE: A 1:25 sketch variant of the regular cover which has Moon Knight ready to attack. Solid cover that doesn’t go for much but it’s all about speculation, right?


Vengeance of Moon Knight #1

ARTIST: Jerome Opeña WRITER: Gregg Hurwitz


JUICE: Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1 had a few variants but none come close to rarity and scarcity than a virgin cover of Finch’s 1:25 variant. This was a special variant for retailers whom were members of Marvel’s Retail Resource Center ( which is an online interface for retailers to view upcoming releases, communicate with Marvel directly, and they also provide low cost websites for retailers to help boost sales. An incentive that they offer their members are exclusive issues and Vengeance of Moon Knight #1 is one of the rarest of the bunch, with an estimated print run of 170-300.

Besides the scarcity, the main draw is the cover and it is a definitive cover by fan favorite David Finch. When one brings up Moon Knight artists, Bill Sienkiewicz, Stephen Platt, and David Finch will be remembered as THE Moon Knight artists.

On another note, retailers might not know what they have so double check those back issues!

Vengeance of Moon Knight #1 2nd Printing

eBAY COMPLETED RAW SALES: Copies of this book don’t exist!

eBAY COMPLETED GRADED SALES: There is only one copy on the CGC census at a 9.8!

FLIP/MARINATE: FLIP! Since there are no copies in completed eBay listings or on one could name their price.


JUICE: The cover sports a sketch cover of David Finch’s 1:25 variant and is not difficult to find but is worth having if you are a completist. Can’t say enough about this cover, Finch’s pencil work is second to none. There are plenty of variants for this issue and most don’t come close to these.



ARTIST: Jerome Opeña WRITER: Gregg Hurwitz

WHY: HTF Sketch cover PRINT RUN: 650

JUICE: Issue number one for this series had a few variants released and this is the 2nd hardest to find, a 1:50 sketch variant of cover A done by Leinil Francis Yu. This is a solid cover with dynamic artwork, sketch covers really show you the details in the artist’s pencils.

eBAY COMPLETED RAW SALES: As a 1:50 it will usually run you about $40-$50, not many copies available right now. Best to scoop them before they go up in price.

eBAY COMPLETED GRADED SALES: No recent sales but there is one on eBay for sale at $100, i have no idea why I’m telling you this because I should just buy it.

FLIP/MARINATE: MARINATE! This variant has potential for growth, let this one marinate.


Secret Avengers #7 Tron Variant

ARTIST: Mark Brooks (cover) WRITER: Ed Brubaker

WHY: HTF Tron variant PRINT RUN: 1,200

JUICE: The Tron variants are popular enough with others demanding more money than this one. Relatively cheaper than its Amazing Spider-Man counterpart, this is an issue that could possibly rise in value. Not incredibly hard to find but there are fewer today than there were 6 months ago.

eBAY COMPLETED RAW SALES: Prices are all over the place with this one, they range between $16-$30.

eBAY COMPLETED GRADED SALES: No graded copies sold.

FLIP/MARINATE: MARINATE! Tron variants are still doing well and this one can be found cheaper than most.


JUICE: In this iteration of the team we find Moon Knight as a member, each issue has a variant with a team member on it. Moon Knight’s cover is done by Harvey Tolibao and is reminiscent of Spawn with cape folds everywhere.

MOON KNIGHT #1 1:75 VARIANT (2014)

Moon Knight Vol 7 #1 (Bill Sienkiewicz Variant)

ARTIST: Bill Sienkiewicz (cover) WRITER: Warren Ellis

WHY: Insane cover PRINT RUN: 800

JUICE: An instant classic, this cover is a definitive Moon Knight masterpiece. The first classic Moon Knight artist coming back to show how a cover is supposed to be done. The original art is available from Bill Sienkiewicz’s website but it does go for $7K.

eBAY COMPLETED RAW SALES: This variant is selling for about $140 almost double and will continue to grow.

eBAY COMPLETED GRADED SALES: No graded copies have come to market.

FLIP/MARINATE: MARINATE! 1:75’s will be harder to come by, snag one if you can.


JUICE: The Venom variants are always a win! Prices are through the roof with some of the Venom variants and this one can still be found for a modest price. Moon Knight is one of the featured characters on the cover and I wouldn’t call this a MK cover but it is still a solid variant to scoop, most of the Venom variants have done extremely well.


Super Spider-Man with the Super-Heroes #181



JUICE: This issues is for the completists out there, this is the first reprint of Moon Knight’s first appearance in WBN #32. It is a UK series that reprinted Amazing Spider-Man stories but in this one it features several character’s origins including Dr. Strange, Thor, and Iron Man. The series started off as Spider-Man Comics Weekly and switched titles on #157. It doesn’t go for a lot of money because it is an obscure reprint series but you never know.

eBAY COMPLETED RAW SALES: You can find copies dirt cheap (under $10) only catch is you have to pay intl shipping!

eBAY COMPLETED GRADED SALES: No recorded graded sales.

FLIP/MARINATE: MARINATE! Not many would want to buy this so sit on it and see what happens!


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