Driving over the garden wall in Arkham & I’m never going home


Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I wasn't able to do my article last week (I can't talk about it at the moment but I will do a write-up on the experience, all I will say is it is everyone out there's worst nightmare)

This has made it possible to actually write something this week as all the books below came out two weeks ago and nothing came out worth specing on last week!!!!!

1. Batman: Arkham Knight – Genesis #1 Jim Lee Variant

What more can I say about this that the awesome Jim Lee cover doesn't already!

A Jim Lee Batman variant that is standard ratio and initially sold at cover price was always going to be a recipe for spec success.

Currently selling for 2 to 3x cover and I can see this going up from there.

Still available at certain places for cover.


2. Drive #1

With this being such a great film and comic movie adaptations generally doing well, as they pull in people who may not normally read comics, I expected this to do well and bought accordingly.

Although not doing as well as I hoped, it was a great read and is currently selling for 2 to 3x cover.

It may see an increase as further issues of the 4 part mini come out.

drive 1

3. Shield #9 1:50 Jack Kirby and Jim Steranko sketch Variant

A complete no-Brainer, this unused Jack Kirby and Jim Steranko sketch cover was always going to be golden.

Currently selling for around £50 ($75), can definitely see this going up as I imagine it has tiny print run (I mean come on…………. who buys 50 copies of SHIELD?????)


4. We Can Never Go Home #4

My favourite book of the year is just going from strength to strength (issue 1 is now going stratospheric). No spoilers but if you read this issue you'll see it goes in a whole new direction and introduces a lot of new players.

With WCNGH becoming an ongoing with volume 2 next year this could be a key issue.


Currently selling for 4x cover


5. Over The Garden wall #1

Don't know much about this series apart from it being based on a Jim Henson TV show and that it had a one-shot special that sold real well.

Currently selling for 2 to 3x cover


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