Batman #1 1st App Joker / Catwoman

1st Catwoman

An issue that is on everybody's wantlist for a number of different reasons, I had to include it in this article as it is the first appearance of Catwoman and some other character whose name I can't remember right now.

Get it if you can (and if you do, good for you!), this is one of those safe investments that will never go down in price.




1st Catwoman Cover

To be perfectly honest, I could have done a top 5 just based on Catwoman, but I wanted to touch on other feline characters in the DC universe. It was impossible to say no to Catwoman's first cover though … Another safe investment, a CGC 3.0 sold recently on the bay for $510, imagine how higher grades will do!



Detective Comics #311

1st Catman

The cover is a good representative of that Batman era and introduces a character that was sparsely used until it was given a new life by Gail Simone. His first few appearances are a lot of fun and totally recommended. If by any chance he ends up in a movie, expect this issue to go from cult status (copies selling for $300 on ebay) to very expensive! It's a long shot, but you can see Catman as a perfect opposite kind of character for Batman. Not in this über-serious DCCU, I guess.



Batman #69

1st King of Cats

Another one of the many cat-based characters created by Bill Finger, Catwoman's brother appears for the first (and last?) time in this issue. Classic Batman era, this will not be cheap and other than having Catwoman in it, not special at all … unless you have a thing for feline characters, of course.



Batman #324

Classic Cover

I have noticed this issue's price in shops rising lately, but you can get it cheap on the bay. A classic and poweful Jim Aparo cover and featuring the last part of a Catwoman vs Catman vs Batman story, it's a great issue in an overall nice Batman run, which many of us grew up reading. Getting a high grade might be difficult!



1st App Another Catman

Before regular Catman appeared, this other character with the same name premiered here. He dies by the end of the issue, but someone probably was using this as a testing ground for a character “inspired” by Holyoke's Cat-Man from the 40's (which looked exactly like regular Catman above).



The Secret of Tigerman!

I can picture a DC editor going “You know what's better than cats? TIGERS!!!”. You are probably wondering why we are not speaking about Tigerman movie deals right now, but you only need to pick up this issue to understand it.

In any case, I think the world is now ready for TIGERMAN!!! Bring it on, DC! It cannot be less popular than some of your titles right now …

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