Marvel Heroes v2 #28 Camuncoli & Dell’Otto Variant – Panini France

Marvel Heroes v2 #28

Publisher: Panini France
Release Date: February 2010
Reprints: Hulk #12
Mighty Avengers #25
Thor #602
Avengers The Initiative #24
Variant Print Run: 2010 copies

You know that feeling when you are a kid (though this works for adults too, but it's less powerful) and you get your hands on something that hits all the right spots and just like that you become a fan forever? That's the root of most of my special collections, I believe.

Case in point, Walt Simonson‘s and Arthur AdamsNew Fantastic Four arc (Wolverine, Spider-Man, grey Hulk and the Ghost Rider take over as the Fantastic Four when the original team “dies”). A truly fun bunch of issues that, to this day, I read every once in a while. Needless to say, I find everything related to that arc fascinating (that horrible What If issue, the fun Wieringo tribute or Venom: Circle of Four), so when I saw this cover I ordered it straight away.

This is part of a 6 variant cover set that Panini France put out for the Angouleme Festival back in 2010 and it features the New Fantastic Four as depicted by Giuseppe Camuncoli (underrated!) and painted by Gabriele Dell'Otto … and I think the combination works perfectly!!!

I am going to include the other covers too, because I am obsessed with sets and lists (as if I had to tell you) and I understand that other people will prefer some of the other covers … I mean, that X-Men cover is great, and it has a foil effect that cannot be seen on the reproduction below, but come on, NEW FANTASTIC FOUR!!!

All the variants have a print run of 2010, but at the moment I write this, they are relatively easy to get.



  • Jason S

    Awesome cover! That is one Hulk cover I need in my PC!

  • Yroc

    Love that this article is continuing. Are these Euro exclusive covers?

    • Iñigo

      As far as I know:

      – The Batman cover comes from Batman #687 (2008)
      – Dark Reign comes from Dark Wolverine #75 Variant (2009)
      – Spider-Man is a variation of the Amazing Spider-man #552 Variant (2008) … They changed the original reflection in the camera.
      – X-Men I have only seen it before as a teaser tagged THE END that Marvel used back in 2009, not sure it was ever printed …

      The other 2 seem to be 100% euro exclusives, even though the Marvel Heroes covers seem to re-use the cover of Marvel Made in Italy, an interview book published in 2007 by Panini Italia.

      In any case, the absence of logos and the foil in at least the X-Men and Spider-Man covers make them very different IMHO.

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