Advance Review: Broken Moon #1

Broken Moon #1

As a fan of both Indy and horror comics, Broken Moon was a book I was excited to read since I saw it in Previews. I have been a fan of Steve Niles since his work on 30 Days of Night at IDW. Niles has always found a twist to come up with new ways for readers to be both intrigued and scared of vampires. While most monster stories follow a very similar formula, Niles finds a way to flip that formula on its ear with Broken Moon.

Broken Moon #1 Sanjulian Variant

Broken Moon #1 Sanjulian Variant

Broken Moon has an interesting premise and also supplies a few twists on common tales we have come to see in modern vampires and werewolfs vs. humans stories. While the first issue is a bit brief, it offers just enough insight into the grand possibilities of the series to come.

We are introduced to a few different characters that will surely be regulars for the 4-issue mini while also being shown the struggle these characters, as well as all humans, face in this post-apocalyptic tale. Without giving away too much, I can say that Niles has come up with a very cool way for vampires to become the dominant race in the first issue.

The artwork is spot on and very fitting for a Niles story. While I do miss the long time collaboration between Niles and Ben Templesmith, Nat Jones does a great job of putting his own touch of color on the story and truly making the world seem dark and gritty.

This book will certainly appeal to fans of Niles and Templesmith‘s classic 30 Days of Night and fans of the Underworld film franchise alike. There are elements that are teased in the first issue and others that were also mentioned in Previews that I can't wait too see play out. I would recommend picking up a copy when it hits stores (this week!) for any fan of Niles, horror, creature, or post-apocalyptic stories. This should be a fun ride!


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