1 We Can Never Go Home #1 Retail (2015) Black Mask

We-Can-Never-Go-Home-1-Cover WRITER: Matthew Rosenberg
ARTIST: Patrick Kindlon
This lil summab***h is nearing $75 raw in NM right now. It has surpassed the variants in some cases. All week long people who've put copies up have seen them disappear almost instantly if their BIN was below $75. The print run was very small, and people are over the variants and looking for the good old retail copy. This will be a $100 book by Oct if this continues. Tough book to find in high grade as well thanks to the cardboard stock.

2Young Terrorists #1  Templesmith Virgin Variant (2015) Black Mask

YoungTerrorists_01_Proof-TemplesmithRare WRITER: Amancay Nahuelpan
ARTIST: Matt Pizzolol
Young Terrorists, much like its cousin “WCNGH”, is hotter than fish grease at Long John Silver's in July. The cover to own is the Virgin Templesmith variant. This was distributed to stores that bought 50 copies, making this a 1:50 variant. It has been selling in excess of $100 raw and should continue heading North.

Batman Vol. 1 #357 (1983) DC Comics

WRITER: Gerry Conway
ARTIST: Don Newton
The Jason Todd as the Joker in Suicide Squad theory is growing like a wildfire. This book could have been had relatively cheap a few months ago too is what's even crazier. Two bullet holes in a costume and two scars in a press photo have made this one a tough book to find. Canadian price variants seem to be the most popular.


Batman Adventures Vol 1 #12 (1993) DC Comics

WRITER: Kelley Puckett
ARTIST: Mike Parobeck
So this one is a total surprise right? Yes, the one book that continues to defy expectations on a weekly basis. The prices for 9.8/9.6/9.4 have all gone up from last week. Raws are in the same boat. BA #12 is on a COMPLETELY different level than most comic books right now, with no end in sight. Buy them cheap if you can find them.


5 Daredevil Vol. 1 #168 (1981) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Frank Miller
ARTIST: Frank Miller
I really hate speculation and values based on cable/Netflix shows. That being said, Elektra is an iconic character. She is one of the, if not the most, important persons in the Daredevil world outside of Hornhead. Frank Miller wrote and drew this comic which adds layers to its legacy. Elektra will be in season 2 if the rumors are true. This has caused this old gem to find some polish and added value. The whole Miller run has been underrated until recently, so even though you will never see Elektra on the silver-screen (again) this book is very important to the Marvel universe.


6 Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #98 (1958) DC Comics

WRITER: Robert Kanigher
ARTIST: Ross Andru
This book is one of the single most difficult Silver Age books to find in any grade. It is the alleged 1st SA appearance of Diana and it also introduces a new origin. Back in the 50's, women were treated differently by society. Wonder Woman books didn't sell as well, making the print run on this run of books super limited. I have seen more All-Star #8's than I have WW #98's. I have talked to multiple owners of some of the biggest shops in the USA and they have said this book is a ghost. Copies of this on eBay right now are “Higher than a Giraffe's Ass” and they have been selling faster than McDonalds french fries in Alabama. Good luck finding one, but if you do, #jackpot.

Infinite_Crisis_Fight_For_the_Multiverse_Vol_1_1_SDCC_Variant (1)

7 Infinite Crisis: The Fight for the Multiverse Vol.1 #1 Dodson Variant 1:25 (2014) DC Comics

WRITER: Dan Abnett
ARTIST: Larry Stroman
I just had to open my mouth a few weeks back and let the cat out of the bag on this book. It has gone from $50 to $150-200 raw in just 2 weeks. People I've talked to had no idea this was a Harley variant until recently and walked by multiple copies. It is still incredibly hard to find, so I expect this to stay hot for the long-haul.


8 The Incredible Hulk Vol.1 #181 (1974) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Len Wein
ARTIST: Herb Trimpe
IH #180 has taken the biggest screwing in comic history over the “cameo”, but that doesn't matter. Hulk #181 is reaching new levels right now. Graded copies in the 5's and 6's are reaching the magical $1k mark. What's even stranger is he's dead. With all the new speculators coming into the market, and bringing their money, this makes sense. He's one of the most popular characters ever and it's still affordable if you have some disposable income. I would trade Khoi Cakes to North Korea for a high grade #181 Mark Jewelers variant. #checkforvaluestampifbuyingraw


Captain Marvel Vol. 6 #17 2nd Print(2013) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Kelly Sue DeConnick
ARTIST: Filipe Andrade
This book is now selling for over $500 in graded 9.8. It would probably sell for a lot more if there were copies available. Kamala is a hit for Marvel and with her being in the upcoming Avengers book, they are in all likelihood going to showcase her even more. This has fought with a few other books to be considered her “go to” 1st appearance, but this book is looking at them in the taillights. 1st cover and micro print run will ensure this book to be hot for years to come.


 Amazing Fantasy Vol 2 #15 (2006) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Greg Pak
ARTIST: Takeshi Miyazawa
Entertainment Weekly officially spilled the beans on what we have all known for a while. Cho is going to be the Hulk going forward. This book is incredibly hard to find and super undervalued still. I expect this to go through the roof in the upcoming months. Find it and buy them now.


Captain Marvel Vol. 6 #14 Conner Variant 1:30 (2013) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Kelly Sue DeConnick
ARTIST: Scott Hepurn
Try and find one! I dare you to. The only problem is you probably can't. 1:30 Connor variant with a cameo of Kamala before the Terrigen Mist. Cover is pretty awesome too, but Kamala is what's driving this book. Copies of this are on eBay in 9.8 right now for $1900!

$_12 (1)

Guardians Team-Up #10 Gamestop Exclusive Variant (2015) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Tim Seeley
ARTIST: Mike Norton
This is a Gamestop exclusive variant that can only be purchases at cons Gamestop is attending. It has one of the best Deadpool covers in recent years. He doesn't look like a clown and looks like the X-Force version I enjoyed. I suspect this will be a super hot book once the public picks up on it.

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