Misty Knight Where Are Thee?

After the announcement of Misty Knight coming to Netflix people are debating what her 1st FULL appearance is. Being a believer in the character for quite a while, I read into this and the confusion can be easily explained, but let’s start at the beginning:

Marvel Team-Up #1 (1972)

This is her entire role in this issue as an unnamed victim of a robbery, no bionic arm, no indication that she could be a hero. Because she was not planned to be but more on that in a bit.

Next candidate to my absolute confusion Marvel Premiere #20… I have read through this issue 3 times today alone have found no mention of her name and definitely no appearance.. I don’t know who bigged up that issue but it’s a dud.

Then Marvel Premiere #21 the first time the character Misty Knight is seen and named in comics, she’s no victim either, she gives Iron Fist a run for his money.

Marvel Premiere #21 (1975)

Curiously enough Misty’s appearance is pretty different from MTU #1.. because they’re two separate characters (as of 1975)

This is where the confusion lies, Marvel Team-Up #1 was published in 1972 the character was a completely generic victim of a crime.

Misty Knight appears and looks different from the previous character in 1975.

THEN a RETCON for Misty Knight's origin came in the very last panel of 1977’s Marvel Team Up #64 by Chris Claremont.


The facts are this: Marvel Team Up #1 was a generic creation for Spider-Man to save in 1972, Misty Knight was created in Marvel Premiere #21 in 1975 as a strong opponent to Iron Fist, the two Misty’s perform the fusion dance to become one in 1977.


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