Did you forget about SJ?

Hey everyone, did you forget about Dre?

He dropped a new album, and you all should get it. A sound reminder (pun!) that he keeps it street even though he’s now a gazillionaire and doesn’t need to do sh*t for the rest of his life. No doubt.

So it’s time that Sadjunk drops some new comic book collecting wisdom too. Even though I’m not a gazillionaire. Yet.

Here we go: Same format, slightly different — but I still got the picks and yarns you guys love. Let’s get to it!

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5 Below comic packs

IMG_0879If you haven’t visited this discount store, well my friend you have been missing out on some deals of a lifetime. They sell Marvel comics in four packs. The sealed cellophane does not preserve crappy throwaways from the 1990s. Instead, modern gems, variants and HTF second prints. I mean some lucky sonsabitches found packs for $4.99 with the Marvel Point One Variant that regularly gets $180-$200+ on Ebay since it’s the first full app of Kamala Khan. Did you know what the print run for that book was? So little that the variant numbers about 500 or so copies. Other folks have found Silk’s full first app variant. All sorts of goodies that apparently were printed but never found their ways into shops because owners didn’t order enough books to qualify for the variants. So they get stuffed in these! Don’t believe it? Here’s one that I got. Rare Adi Granov variants on both sides baby! The one pictured here goes for $20+ online. I don’t even know what the other two books are in the pack behind these books! Should I open it and find out???

Honorable mentions:

Adam Hughes X-Men Classic cover run, #74 and #79:

X-Men_Classic_Vol_1_79You know you can’t have a Sadjunk list without doing it the way you know I like to: with greatest … hits from Adam Hughes. There are very few things I like more than cheap but amazing Adam Hughes artwork. Especially when it’s his renditions of very famous super heroines. So if you don’t have his cover run from issues 71 to 79 (which feature very appealing presentations of various X-ladies) in your collection, you can easily pick them up for a few bucks. Totally worth it I think. Chances are most of your friends will not have these books. Come to think of it, how many have even been signed and graded? P.S. I want to live in Adam Hughes’ world where every woman is a Double D with a zero waist, rocks big hair and wears tight clothing, always smiling and totally into you. And [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored].

Action Comics Vol. 1 #340 / Firestorm Vol. 2 #58

7488-2Parasite is ranked 61st on the all-time greatest Superman villains list, according to ‘The Internet.' He’s going to be on the Supergirl show. No, I don't have inside knowledge into the casting, but it’s so obvious. He’s going to be the big bad she’s going to have to fight. I can just see it. Now that I've said it I bet you can too. He can be a bridge between her and Supes as a common threat. He can appear on The Flash too given his second incarnation’s S.T.A.R. Labs connections, and his initial face-off with Firestorm. Both of these books can be had very cheap. I was surprised by how cheap the original first appearance from the 1960’s is. I picked up a VF copy for peanuts. Totally undervalued. I mean under $50 undervalued. You really should go out and get this book for your collection now if you don’t have it already.

Masters of the Universe Vol. 1 # 13

Masters_of_the_Universe_Vol_1_13So you think GI Joe Vol. 1 #155 is hard to find and high-priced? Make sure you don’t skip this book then. In the popular online bidding space you love it’s creeping up in price, can’t be had for less than $40. The savvy comic book hunters in this group know you can still pick this book up cheap if you find it in the wild, the best places to look are flea markets or the dusty spot where most LCS’s have put their “discarded 80’s crap” bins full of Coyote, Malibu, Warriors of Plasm, Fraggle Rock, Barbie and The Muppets. Actually some books from the last three titles are gaining value. (Kinda sad for Jim Shooter. Ok, moment passed.) I was surprised to see how much those 80’s Barbie comics go for in fact. Rarity of them, I suppose? Especially when you consider Barbie doll collectors are LEGION out there. This will be grist for another column, but for now, don’t get the cooties. Stick to your very masculine MOTU toys (especially 80's He-Man. He’s rocking the fur boots, blonde mop of hair, a man-kini, and his closest colleague is named ‘Man-At-Arms.’ Yeah brah, that’s VERY masculine).

The Punisher Vol. 1 # 4

Punisher_Vol_2_4Who is the Punisher without Microchip? Every gun-toting, skull-wearing, angry bad ass needs a weapons specialist / hacker who can set him up with gear and intel. You want to bet $3 he’s going to make an appearance in the Netflix series? Go ahead, because that’s how much his first appearance costs right now. When he shows up on the show, it won’t be. Yes, Wayne Newton played his character in the last film. So what? You know they will bring Microchip on the show, maybe make his character a hot cute woman, because that’s what hackers look like on TV. Jessica Biel needs something to do again, people. Or maybe get one of those hot Chinese actresses. Or that Indian actress who’s going to be a totally unconvincing FBI agent in “Quantico.” Totally Donald Trumping it here, but I cop to the charge. They made Rosario Dawson Night Nurse. Frank Castle’s got to have someone equally hot and ethnic to help him out, I say.

Deathstroke Vol. 1 #10

Deathstroke_the_Terminator_Vol_1_10I went to a con and there was this nice, chatty seller who was thumping this book because it is the first (in costume) appearance of a female Vigilante, Pat Trayce. He was damn sure she was going to get cast for a TV show, because she’s a chick with a big gun. And this was his spec. Actually her first appearance if you want to get Topher-like technical is Deathstroke Vol. 1 #6 which isn’t too easy to come by either. Actually none of the books are in the run. Anyways, to make a long story short, he wanted to sell me the book for $10, I laughed it off and said cool story, bro. Then I walked over to another vendor and found it for a $1 in his bin. You should adopt the latter strategy here.

Star Wars Vol. 2 #4, #5, #6

starwars-afvAfter the latest Star Wars trailer, there’ been a whole lotta whisperin’ going on about Finn holding a lightsaber and being Han Solo’s son, courtesy of a past cargo unloading (smuggling?) with his recently unveiled first wife, Sana Solo. (Between Sana and Lando now, I really believe Robert De Niro should’ve played Han). Well I don’t know guys. This might be nothing, might be something big. I assume that with Star Wars comics sales being so high, you and your mother already have this book. I just have been buying every action figure variant anyways, and I know you have too. On top of all that I believe Mr. Topher alerted us all to Sana Solo a while back, so bully on you if you don’t have these books. And yup, since the trailer there's been lots of mopes on the Interwebs buying copies to sell to dopes. But my peoples are above that mess. Right???

Various JSA First Apps!!!!

Stars_and_STRIPE_0All right, I was saving this for the end. Because I have to wonder, if you haven’t been buying these books up, have you been sleeping? It’s obvious the Flash is building up a JSA. Consider the characters coming to the show: Mr. Terrific, Jesse Quick, Hawkgirl, Atomsmasher, Jay Garrick … I mean, do we need someone to paint a picture of the logo for you or something? In my previous columns, I strongly suggested you get the new incarnations of Mr. Terrific and Dr. Fate (the latter hasn’t come to pass yet, but he will at this rate.) Tons of others started popping up between the three shows. (Still hesitant? Guys, they are going to be grabbing characters left and right to fill up the shows. You know this is the source material they have to work with.) So start knocking these character first apps down before they get announced: Courtney Whitmore (makes a lot of sense when you think about it), Jefferson Pierce, Pieter Cross, Kate Spencer, Rick Tyler, Sandy Hawkins … oh hell just Google the bunch. I can’t list all the books here. Too much work for you though? Remember, as all previously announced characters have shown: how they play out on the show doesn’t matter. They all have the superpower of turning dollar books into $20+ in … A FLASH! See what I did there, a Flash, hah hah … whatever.

Sadjunk’s Crazy CBSI tribute

This one is for the apparently man-sculpted Inigo and his obsessive-compulsive comic cataloguing. I was inspired by one of his early columns examining some key variant runs. The first one he did was of the DC 75th Anniversary cover swipes, done excellently by the top artists in the field including Jim Lee, Hughes and Mignola. In Inigo's words: “The best variant set ever.”

Well don’t try this at home kids; I decided I would gather all the books on the checklist. Yeah — you bet your ass it wasn’t easy. In fact, many of these books are so damn hard to find you will lose your mind (and a good chunk of change) trying to acquire them. Thankfully I was able to largely avoid that bitter consequence, when one fateful day I discovered a good number of these with a dealer who just had them lying around. He was so happy to get them off his hands he sold them to me at a discount! Big warning: that JLA Jim Lee variant is by far the most expensive and HTF of the bunch. Print run of that book is estimated to be no more than 600.

Without further ado then, I present the original checklist image and my real-life recreation. I bleed for this group, because membership has its rewards. Long Live CBSI!



Sadjunk’s Crazy Bin Find story

“If you believe in magic.”

Finally, no Sadjunk column is complete without a good bin digging yarn. I got two for ya, and let me say these two tales will make you cry with jealous hate for sure. But they go to show you that just when you think that HTF, low print, radioactive hot variant first appearance book is all but gone from the market, it might just be hiding in a bin for the lucky fool who hustled his ass to a comic store, got on his knees and dug like a dog.

That's what happened to Christopher Santos. Like a good student of bin digging, he marveled as I related to him the tale of the Captain Marvel #14 Amanda Conner variant, the first cameo of Kamala Khan which is another 600+ printed book, and actually so rare that when it has surfaced on Ebay, sellers put it up for over $600. (I asked some sellers and they said they ended up parting with their raw copy for about $350 – $375. There was a 9.8 graded copy that listed on Ebay for $1,499 in April, and sold for an undisclosed offer). I mean damn, folks, if KK keeps getting bigger, this is the next Batman Adventures 12. But unlike that book, this one is REALLY rare.

Well, upon learning of this, Mr. Santos promptly goes to worship at the local comic temple in his woods and lo and behold, he finds in a back issue bin a copy for about $371.25 less than the going rate for a raw copy on Ebay. *sniff* The student surpasses the teacher.



Not to be outdone, fellow CBSI member Sebastian Czeczotka recently found an Aladdin-worthy haul of books at his local sports collectibles store, and like the scoundrel in Arabian Knights, all he had to do was ask:

“I go in and I see two long boxes on the ground,” Mr. Czeczotka says. “I ask if I can browse, the guy said yes.”

“I pull couple decent books from there, Rust #1, Cable #1, couple others. Then I go into the messy currents section, grab Batman #43. On the way to register i see a short box on the floor.
“I dive in and first one i find is Guardians of the Galaxy #4 (JSC variant), then Deadpool Vs. X-Force (JSC variant), then a Rust #1 limited edition and then an Edge of Spider Verse #2 Greg Land variant, no bag no board.”
15 - 1
Amazing haul. But Aladdin didn't get to keep the magic lamp without a fight…
“I take them up to register and the guy starts looking up prices on Ebay,” Mr. Czeczotka says. “He looks up the Deadpool , looks up the Guardians. He gives me a price, gets flaky so he calls his boss asking if he can sell these books. Boss gives him the go ahead.”
Like a good little magic lamp hustler, Mr. Czeczotka employed some distraction to seal the deal.
“I asked him for current loose bags and boards for the EOSV and the Bats,” he explains. “The cashier tells me where they are. I go grab them and bag the books. I come back, he gives me the price for everything, I agree, we shake. I give him my card, pay and I get the hell out out.
“No, he didn't look up the EOSV price.”
Yes my friends, I'd buy that for a dollar any day!


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