Top 5 Gorilla Covers!!!


With Ben taking a break from the top 5 (and you, the reader, should pray for him to come back), get ready for a look at a series of top 5 articles based on whatever is going on through my head when I sit to write them 😉



Strange Adventures #8

Gorilla-mania starts here!

There were plenty of gorilla covers before this one, most of them in jungle books. This one, however, started the avalanche of gorilla covers that was to come.

Published in 1951, there have been a couple of copies sold on ebay lately for a bit more than $100, which sounds very reasonable if you ask me.



Batman #75

The Gorilla Boss of Gotham City!

Possibly the first time gorillas and (still remembered) superheroes went head to head, this started a trend that could only be stopped by the Boring Bronze Age. As cool as shirtless Batman having a sword fight in the desert might be, I wouldn't mind seeing a few gorillas here and there.

While this beauty is going to get a bit more pricey just because it's a Batman comic (not so bad though, reports $510 for a graded 7.0 last year), some lucky person got a really cheap (low grade) copy for $75 … I know, where were we that was so important when that happened?


FLASH #127

Flash #127

1st Gorilla Grodd cover

All hail Grodd! The only gorilla villain who survived the coming of the Bronze Age, Grodd first appeared in Flash #106, and by the time he returned, the editors understood that if you are going to have a gorilla inside the comic you might as well put him in the cover!

Cheap for now, this comic is a must for any serious gorilla comic collector (if there's such a person).



Tales of the Unexpected #2

The Gorilla Who Saved The World!

So this is the one that started it all for me. I know it's just a riff on #1, back when gorillas could write but not speak (surprisingly, they were still going for realistic).

The cover gives away the whole story but I dare you to try to turn your back on this cover and never think about it again. You know you can't … How did this gorilla save the world? HOW???



Wonder Woman #78

1st Gorilla Playing Baseball

A heartbreaking decision was not to include any of the Superman,  Superboy or Hawkman covers in the top 5, but given how difficult to find this Wonder Woman run is, I had to include this book. Early Wonder Woman, early gorilla superhero cover and a gorilla playing baseball … hard to beat!

Again, one of those covers that was sold lately on ebay for less than $100. I really need to start paying more attention …


Weird War Tales #89

The definition of trifecta

I am including this as a wink to all those war books that did their best to include a gorilla in any capacity, but nevertheless this cover has all the elements you could want in a comic: GORILLA + NAZI + JIM STARLIN. To make it even better, it's cheap as it's going to get. I will repeat it in case you weren't paying attention: Jim Starlin drawing Nazi gorillas. If this doesn't make you stop reading this article and start looking for this comic, we probably belong to different species.

MOON KNIGHT (2006) #21 Marvel Apes Variant

Moon Knight #21 Jason Pearson Marvel Apes Variant

Marvel trying to catch up with the past

It's very difficult to find a worthy Marvel gorilla cover as they weren't around when the first gorilla wave was at its highest, but they did their best in the first decade of this century to give us some ape action. Gorilla Moon Knight fighting gorilla Thunderbolts (gorilla versions of, among others, Venom and  Bullseye) as depicted by superstar Jason Pearson does it for me. It's a variant too, but absolutely no one is looking for this so it should be an easy and cheap find.

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