Time To Hunt: X-Force Edition


Most people have heard by now that Fox is in the process of making an X-Force movie. Cable is a big character that hasn't' been unveiled yet, and if Deadpool does what everyone thinks it will do, then Fox has something with the X-Force wing of mutants.

New Mutants #100 (released 4/1991) has universally been accepted as the 1st appearance of the first X-Force team. There was 500k-750k copies of this book printed and rare or hard to find aren't synonymous with the book. That being said today Manole from our sponsor Hall of Comics noted that in all actuality NM #100 isn't the 1st appearance.

Below is an image from New Mutants Annual #6 (released 7/1990) showing the X-Force team. It was a glimpse into the future per the issue and page. This book can be had for pennies on the dollar right now. Awesome detective work by Manole. He was the 1st person to report the Rai #2 Mask variants as well.

New Mutants Annual #06 Pin-Up


But that isn't all …

Our editor in chief and male fitness model Inigo pointed out something I wasn't aware of. Marvel Age #82 (released 12/1989) has the 1st reference to the modern day X-Force with a Liefeld sketch of Cable, Cougar (Deadpool Prototype?) and Stryfe as seen below. Marvel Age are indeed comic books, I know there is a lot of debate about them, but they are in comic format and have some very important history within their pages. I thought you guys might enjoy this. Thanks to Manole and Inigo for the information.



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