Death of the New Gods #1 Variant – September 2007

Death of the New Gods #1 Ryan Sook VariantWelcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

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Ok, let me start off by saying that I am throwing this comic out there, because I actually really like the cover, and not because I think he might be the main villain in the future DC movies. In all reality, I do not think he will be that villain. IMHO, I think DC would be asking for trouble if they went that route. He just seems to be much too Thanos-like. Anyways, I present to you The Death of the New Gods #1 1:10 variant, by Ryan Sook. If anyone’s art can be confused with Hughes, I believe it is Sook. Check out some of his art images online, and tell me I am wrong!

The regular version of the comic had a print run of approximately 32,000 – so this version has an approximate print run of 3,200! In today’s world, that is not very many at all, but there do seem to be a good number of these on the bay. A lot for dirt cheap. What gives about this? Not sure. Maybe it’s not a very good storyline. Or maybe Darkseid just hasn’t caught on all that much just yet. Who knows, but I do think it would be in your best interest to at least grab one of these. I mean, just because I don’t’ believe they will use him as the big-bad in the JL movie, who else would they????
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