OSPG 2015/2016 Changes in the Guide

Overstreet Price Guide 2015/2016

With the new Overstreet Price Guide releasing earlier in the summer, it is necessary to look at the more noticeable and important changes in this year’s guide.  While most books go up in some small increment, the question becomes “What were the big changes?”

Obviously, not all stores use OSPG exclusively but a good majority actually do.  For those who do shop at stores, sites or with dealers who use the guide, this outline should be of some use.

It has always been understood that OSPG is very careful not to adjust pricing to fit the “fads” of the previous year.  With Marvel and DC laying out 5 year plans and books spiking rather quickly, it seems that Bob and the rest of the crew have given up on that model.  I understand the reasons some books that went up got changed in the guide, but there are certainly books on the “went up” list that in the coming years are going to be on multiple “needs to go back down” lists…”

Alright, enough of the rambling, onto the pertinent info.  Below is some of the bigger and or hotter books in today’s market with a look at the current guide value.  I have omitted most Blue Chips as these books are constantly on an upward trend.  I have also skipped over Golden Age books, most being rare to scarce comics that do not make it to market often.  This is also why prices on these books remains so low while actual sales are 10-100x guide price.

I am not going to list all line prices for the books but will be more focused on the Good to Very Good range for Silver Age and the Very Fine range and up for Bronze Age to Modern books.

Action Comics #1…  2 recorded sales over the past few years for CGC 9.0 examples.  One for over 2 Million and one for over 3 Million.  Why then is this book listing at 1.8 Million in 9.0?  This makes absolutely no sense to me.  The 2 sales were very well known sites and completed sales.  I know I said no Golden Age, but this sticks out to me.

Action Comics #242 got a modest 10.00 price bump in Good condition from 250 to 260 while VG line got a 20.00 bump from 500 to 520.00.  Very under market and a great book to buy if you can find it.

Action Comics #252 : Up from 270 to 400.00 in good and 800.00 from the previous 540.00, this is a great example of a book that is listed too low.  Good condition copies of this Silver Key sell for double that price while G/VG copies regularly pull in 1000.00+

Action Comics #521 is still listed as 5.00 in NM- though the past year has shown that it is actually quite a tough book to find and while peaking at 75.00 or so in raw Near Mint, can still fetch 50.00 online.

Aquaman 1 : 93 in Good last year and 186 in VG now reads 107 and 214 respectfully.  Not a big change but a lot closer to market prices.

Aquaman #29 is still grossly under along with #35 with VG listed as 26.00 for #29 and 42 for #35.  While almost double the price of last year, these are both well under current market.

Avengers #57 with VG price at 92 and Fine at 138 seems a bit low to me.  This is a book that is selling a bit above those prices even after the post Avengers 2 hype and should rise in price again.

Avengers #112 is 57 in 9.0 and 80 in 9.2…  All prices on this book are way under market and a great book to grab in any grade Fine or up at guide prices.

Batman #251 and most other Adams cover issues seem grossly under market in all grades with issue #251 listing at 500 in 9.2

Batman #357 is 75 in 9.2 and issue 358 is 10 in 9.2.  Both of these books bring 3 to 5 times that price raw.

Batman #1 (New 52) and issues 2-4 seem very low at 60.00 and then 10.00 in 9.2.  They seem low until you think 9.2 is Near Mint minus, then it makes more sense and seems correct with issue 4 being a little low still.

Batman Adventures #12 has a 9.0 listing of 257.00 and a 9.2 listing of 400.00.  While this is up from 102 and 150.00 in last year’s guide, this is a great example of a book that is heating up far too quick for the guide to keep on top of.

Black Panther #1 has a more realistic price this year with 9.2 listed at 100 (55 last year) though this might still be a solid pick up if the book is truly a 9.2

Brave and the Bold #54 is a great pick up at 84 in VG and 126 in Fine, selling well above these prices already with a lot of room for growth.

Captain America #217 with line listings of 44 in 9.0 and 60 in 9.2 is a great buy

Captain Marvel #18 listed at 35 in 9.2 is a steal, while issues #26-33 seem to have gotten a solid price correction with the big 2 (#26 and #33) listing now for 120 in 9.2

Daredevil #105 is 55 in 9.2.  An easy buy at that price for a book with a lot of room to grow.  Issue #168 is now at 225 in 9.2 and probably the only other DD book worth grabbing at guide for investment or flip purposes.

DC Comics Presents #26 and #47 both got price corrections in the 9.2 slot, listing at 110 and 60.  While #26 is very close to market now, #47 is an “instabuy” at 60.00 in true NM-

Deadpool #1 from 1997 is up to 65 in 9.2 and while a bit under market, is a bit  closer to reality vs. last year’s price of 50

Defenders #1 at 270 in 9.2 and issue 28 at 40 seem right and wrong.  Issue 1 will bring that sort of money correctly graded while issue 28 will bring in double guide.

Doctor Strange #169 got overlooked this year listing at 36 in VG while issue #1 seems to be spot on, listing at 185 in 9.2

Doom Patrol #99 30 in Fine and 69 in VF is incredibly low and a great book to buy.

Edge of Spider-Verse #2 actually got a line listing, though only at 10.00 in 9.2

Eternals #1 is well under market for both the .25 and .30 price variant listing at 40 and 60 in 9.2.  This is a great book to buy for speculation purposes with a pretty safe backing of pure investment.

Eternal Warrior #4 was overlooked with 9.2 copies listed at 4.00

Fantastic Four issues seemed to get the most attention so far.  Issues 45 and 46 took a huge jump in price with VGs listing for 200 (#45) and 76 (#46).  Issue 52 made a huge jump as well, with VG now listing at 142.  While prices on 45 and 52 are a lot closer to market for the time being, issue 46 is a great buy at all prices in guide.

Flash #117 and #139 are still way under market in guide.  No excuse for this, these books have been on fire for over a year.  #117 lists in Good for 38 while #139 lists for 38 in G, 76 in VG and 114 in F.  The hype on both of these issues might die down at some point, but these are both books that should be bought immediately.

Hero for Hire #1 has a listing of 84 in Fine with the G and VG prices being well below market as well.  Great buy if you can actually find them for these prices.

Iron Man #54 and #55 have improved prices this year.  I feel issue #54 is a steal in any listed grade with VF at 41 and NM- at 110 while issue #55 seems more with the market with Good at 100 and NM- at 1200.  Even at current market, this might not be a bad book to pick up as Thanos has not really gotten any major screen time yet.

Journey Into Mystery #103 while close to market with VG listing at 76 is a book to keep an eye on.  This could be a smart pick up if you can get a little discount off of guide.

Jungle Action #5 and #6 have identical pricing lines from G to NM- with the top price being 60.  Both are bargains in any grade.

Marvel Premiere #15 got the price correction needed with VF listing at 110 and NM- at 375 while #47 grabbed enough attention to list in NM- at 150

Marvel Preview #4 and #7 as almost all Guardians related books are up, almost over market with VF listed at 110 and 216

Marvel Team Up #95 is spot on with 9.2 list at 50

Metal Men #1 has not seen any real up in pricing and seems like a solid buy at 50 in Good, 100 in VG and 150 in Fine.

Micronauts #8 is now listed at 35 in NM- close to market on a tough to find book.

Ms Marvel #1, #16, #17 and #18 all up again this year with 9.2 pricing of 150, 90, 60 and 150 which is about market, though I think 16-18 have a lot of room to grow.

New Mutants #87 and #98 hit and miss here and I am unsure of how.  #87 lists at 75 in 9.2 which is somewhat close though this book is due for a real upswing if Cable is in the DP 2 movie.  #98 still lists at 150 in 9.2 which is the same as last year…  Buy 'em if you can folks.

Nova #1 is up from 90 to 110 in 9.2 which seems spot on.

Peanuts #1 (nn) from 1953…  FINALLY got a huge price increase from 50 in G and 4000 in 9.2 to 343 in G and 6000 in 9.2.  Now both of these prices are still incredibly off with copies that actually do make it to market selling for almost 10x guide listing, it’s nice to see an actual jump on a book like this.

Power Man and Iron Fist #17, 24 and 50-54 all went up but not nearly enough to be close to market values, especially #24 which is the first appearance of Black Goliath, does not even have a line listing and has a price of 12.00 in 9.2.

Preacher Preview and issue #1 have identical price lines with 9.2 listed at 210 which is right around market.  Issue #2 has the line listing of 1st Saint of Killers and is at 60 in 9.2 but issue 13 is missing a line listing for the 1st appearance of Herr Star and only lists at 8 bucks.  Issue #13 is clearly the one to buy at guide if you can find it.

Punisher #101, 102 and 103 list at 3.50 but bring in 5 to 10x this.

Rachel Rising #1 has a strong 9.2 listing at 75 though commanding a bit more than this right now

Saga #1 listing at 100 in 9.2 actually seems high with issue 2 at 30 and #3 at 20.00 seeming more reasonable.

Shazam #1 now lists at 80 in VF/NM and 120 in NM-, #25 lists at 100 in NM- and #28 lists at 89 in VF, 195 in VF/NM and 300 in NM-…  Needless to say the days of scooping these up at bargain prices is gone.

Showcase #30 is on fire and the folks at OSPG have recognized this.  G listing is 141, 282 in VG, the big surprise is the jump from Fine at 423 to VF at 1142.   Issue #34 is another to keep an eye on with G, VG and F listing as 125 250 375 and then a huge jump to 1000 in VF.   The money in this run might be in #80 (Phantom Stranger) which lists at 66 in VF and 138 in VF/NM.

Silver Surfer #3 seems the only book in the short run from the 60s to look at with a VG listing of 38 and 57 in Fine

Solar #3 featuring the 1st appearance of Harada has a 9.2 listing of 25, lots of room here and even more potential for the future.

Star Spangled War Stories #84, a bit random, but a beast of book if you can find it.  Lists for 38 76 and 114 in G, VG and F and commands vast multiples of those prices.

Star Wars #1 is 200 in 9.2, #42 is now listed at 100 in 9.2 and #68 is 60 in 9.2.  All seem spot on.

Strange Adventures #180 with G listing at 25, VG at 50 and F at 75 all seem incredibly low.  #187 with VF price at 35 and 9.2 at 95 are also grossly under market.  #205 lists at 27 in G, 54 in VG and 81 in Fine are all 25% or so below market and another book with a lot of potential.

Strange Tales #126 with G at 38 and VG at 76 appears to be closer to market but still a bit of room and lots of potential.  Issues #169, 178 and 180 are all books that heated up over the last year or so and are all reflected correctly.

Suicide Squad #1 from 1987 is now at 75 in 9.2 and #1 from 2011 is sporting a 60.00 price tag in 9.2

Superboy #68 is carrying a price of 161 and 332 in G and VG, up a bit from last year and properly reflecting the demand for this tough to find book.

Superman Adventures #5 is listed at 3.00 and improperly lined issue #3 as Livewire’s first appearance.

Teen Titans #1 from 1966 is far below market with G, VG and F listing at 34, 68 and 102

Thor #126 is spot on at 32 and 64 in G and VG, #165 is close to market as well with G and VG at 36 and 72.  Both of these books have a lot of potential, even at guide prices.

Tomb of Dracula #10 is another Bronze book that was overlooked as every price from G to NM- is at about 30% of market.

Walking Dead is tougher to gauge as sales are better while the show is on vs. the off season.  For the most part the prices seem right with 9.2 list on #1 at a cool grand and other keys in the correct range like #19 at 240, #53 at 50 and 92 at 40.  Only big miss here seems to be #108 at 4.00 and no mention of #97-102 2nd prints.

Werewolf by Night #32 is another book that is just too hot to keep correct in guide.  Simple as that…

Wonder Woman #98 is incredibly under guide with Good listed at 58 and a 9.2 at 900…

Uncanny X-Men #266 is spot on this year, even with the recent movie confirmation

This is obviously just a small sampling of the “hot” books in today’s market.  If you are interested in more pricing info, do yourself a favor and grab a copy of the new OSPG and take a look at pricing and compare to completed eBay listings as well as goCollect.com reports.  Lots of great info in there and lots of opportunities for the informed buyer and seller of comics.

I feel it is important to point out that while stores that use guide might seem to be “leaving money on the table”, they are usually, at least in my experience, more than happy to take the money and reinvest into their business.  Comic book collectors, speculators, and flippers are all putting money into this micro economy.  It would be foolish at best to think you are “besting” a store when you get a deal on a book. I personally shop at 5 stores quite regularly, and all of them use OSPG to some degree with the understanding that certain books get checked against completed eBay sales to find a price that they can still sell the book for while not turning their shop into a museum.

It is also necessary to point out that there are certainly shops that price by guide when it is higher and eBay when it is higher, chasing the absolute top dollar from a savvy group of consumers.  These stores, more than likely, will not last.  Sure, they are going to make a sale here and there, but even your average run collector is going to get sick of this and take their business elsewhere.  As a customer you want to feel like you got a little break at least, and I would think you as a shop owner, would want to generate repeat business, take care of your customers and not feel like you are giving books away.  Just keep this in mind while digging through bins or buying up wall books at your local shops.  You might be out there to make money, but it is their job to turn a consistent profit in order to keep the store open.

In the end, a good relationship with your LCS owner or manager is going to yield the best results for both you and your shop(s) of choice.

Lastly I would like to thank the owners/managers/workers of the shops I regularly frequent.  A big thanks to Dean, Jack, Jim, Jon, Mark, Matt and Patrick.  These guys have treated me right from day one and always take time out of their day to show me cool new books that came into the store, or just talked comics with me.  Greatly appreciated fellas!


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