A Conversation with Chadwick Haverland

As promised, here's our interview with one of the hottest sketch cover artists right now, Mr. Chadwick Haverland. You can find more about his work at his FB and Instagram. Also, you might want to commission a piece from him before he starts lining up more work for the big three (yes, I'm counting Image). Don't say we didn't warn you! 😉

Robbie as Harley Custom Cover

Robbie as Harley

Who is your inspiration when it comes to art? Who influenced or influences you today?

I grew up in the late 80’s and the 90’s so I was heavily influenced by artwork on trading cards and the comics at that time. There are so many artists who I’ve looked up to but early on I was really inspired by Joe Jusko and Ron Stark’s work. They really inspired me to pursue traditional art rather than the digital medium. The amount of detail and blending of colors used in they’re work has always been outstanding and am still inspired by they’re current works. A couple other artists that influence me today though would be Christopher Lovell and Clayton Crain. The detail in their works always amaze me.

I know you are a sports fan and do a lot of sports commissions. Who is your favorite sports team, athlete, and your favorite athlete to draw?

Boba Fett Star Wars Cover

Boba Fett Star Wars Cover

I'm a HUGE football fanatic and my favorite team would be the Denver Broncos. I'm a fan of a lot of different athletes but my allegiance will always be to the Orange and Blue lol. My favorite athlete to draw would be any athlete that is animated and emotional on the field. Guys like Ray Lewis, Clay Matthews and Von Miller have always been fun to draw because there is always great reference material of them just getting caught up in the emotion of the game.

What do you use to draw? What is your preferred technique?

I'm partial to using graphite and pencil in particular….I love to work in black & white. I’ll use or combine inks, markers and paints but mastering and using crazy techniques with pencils has always been my favorite. I don’t really have a preferred technique per say but my techniques will usually depend on the type of work I’m doing or being commissioned to create, the feeling I’m going for and the format as well. As of late when it comes to sketch covers I've been combining colored pencils and inks in different ways that allow me to create a lot of depth and textured effects. I've always aimed at being as versatile as possible so that I have the ability to create just about anything.

Walking Dead Cover

Walking Dead Cover

What was it like being asked to work on the Walking Dead trading card set? Did you feel that helped get you more noticed?

It was pretty cool to get the email that I had been included on that set and to be asked to create work for that property. I'm a big fan of the show and those first couple sets for series 1 and 2 were awesome to work on ‘cause we had the opportunity to create the different walkers from the actual show along with the actors who portrayed the major characters. After the first couple sets they stopped allowing the use of the actual walkers on the sketch cards due to licensing reasons so it just wasn’t the same. I love getting to draw zombies and the gory elements with all those details lol.

Work on that set definitely helped get more notice because anytime you do “official” work for a property that massive or popular it's going to expose your work to that fanbase.

Venom Cover

Venom Cover

Who is your favorite artist?

Like in the first question it's really hard to narrow that down to one artist….Joe Jusko and Ron Stark are definitely at the top of my list though.

What kind of music do you listen to, and who?

I listen to everything from hard rock and metal to hip hop and movie scores/soundtracks. I listen to a LOT of music while I'm working in the studio but what I listen to depends on my mood and how I'm feeling. When it comes to rock I listen to a lot of Queensryche, Slipknot, Shinedown, Smashing Pumpkins and bands like that. On the rap/hip hop side I listen to a lot of Eminem, the classics and some “underground”. I'm not too fond of the new wave of mainstream hip hop lol.

Han Solo

Han Solo

Coolest person in the industry you have met and why?

That's a tough question lol. There are a lot of awesome people I've had the chance to meet and hang out with. Some are memorable because I've looked up to them for so long but one that stands out though would have to be writer Glen Brunswick. We both shared a table at NYCC a couple years back and we had a lot of fun just hanging out at the show. He’s an all around great guy and just a great writer/creator on top of it.

What is your dream gig?

A dream gig would be to create artwork or concepts for a title/production in the Marvel or DC cinematic universe. Not just creating work for a product or a for a company that holds the license to create product for that specific title/property; but to actually create work that shapes the design and feel of the characters in that production.

Creating official cover art for DC, Marvel or The Walking Dead comic titles is also high on my list though….I'm currently pursuing that so looking forward to it hopefully coming to fruition very soon.

Gadot as Wonder Woman

Gadot as Wonder Woman

DC or Marvel?

I love a lot of characters in the DC universe but….Marvel.

Rick or Daryl?

Going to have to say Rick….I'm burned out on Daryl. Sorry Norman haha. You know how many times I have to draw that guy in a year? lol

Favorite super-hero movie?

Man, I would have to say the first Iron Man or the Dark Knight. I'm waiting on a studio to get Green Goblin and Venom right lol. Hoping Marvel can now do that.

Favorite comic book ?

Growing up it was actually any X-men related book that came out. Most recently, I would have to say The Walking Dead or Ghosted.

Zombie Han Solo

Zombie Han Solo

Do you feel the internet has opened doors for artists, that might not have been seen otherwise? If so where do you see the industry going in the next decade with digital becoming more and more mainstream?

The internet has most definitely opened doors for all artists and entrepreneurs out there. Any artist now has access to exposing the world to his/her work and is no longer limited to just a local or regional market. There’s pros and cons to that but overall it's made making a living as an artist much easier or feasible. Social media is what has really changed the game for artists and creators.

I don’t know that I can really say for sure where I see the industry going in the next decade. We know that exposure to art and the industry is at an all-time high and the digital medium is definitely more mainstream these days as it's cost-effective and quicker for artists and companies in certain aspects, but I do think IMHO we’ll see a resurgence of traditional art within the industry eventually in one way or another. Looking at sketch variant covers for instance, they've made traditional art even more collectible within the industry and given traditional artists a way to create a unique product that is within just about any collector’s budget. Collectors can now get just about anything they ever wanted on the cover of their favorite comic. I think there is a lot more that can be done with these and ways companies could be using them. I'm hoping the industry continues to grow and we don’t suffer from too much saturation down the line. I can’t control where the industry ends up going but I can control the directions I move in and where I’ll continue to grow over the next decade.

Selena Kyle Cover

Selena Kyle Cover

I know that it's very popular for people to put popular images found on the internet on t-shirts etc, without the artist's consent (intentionally or unintentional). How would you react if you saw someone with a shirt with one of your drawings on it?

I'd definitely be flattered that people want my work….but then I’d get information on the company that produced it lol. I’d then pursue the company asap and make the arrangements to be compensated from the profits made off of my work..

Favorite fast food place?

Chipotle or Taco Bell

First website you visit when you get online in the morning?

Probably Twitter and Instagram


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