Terrorists wolves driving tanks down the river to knowhere banging out Hip Hop is the loveliest nightmare


It was a fantastic week for books and I think this week I officially have the most picks EVER

1. Wolf #2

The first part of this did quite well for sales at first, although prices have dropped now.

The initial listing for issue 2 sold out straight away and although there have been no sales above cover, the cheapest listing available now is £7.95 (approx $12).

I read the 2nd issue and am sort of undecided on whether I like this or not!

I will give it a few more issues at least though as it is intriguing!


2. Guardians of Knowhere #3 Manga Variant

I mentioned this book last week in my predictions and although sales have been at cover price so far (and they sold out almost instantly) all other listings are £12.99 ($18) or higher.

Think these will sell as well as this is a fantastic cover and if anything I can see this going up in value as it seems to be pretty rare on this side of the pond.

Guardians of Knowhere #3 Venom Manga Variant

3. Young Terrorists #1 standard, 1:5, 1:10

I realised after last week's post that I had missed this off my predictions as this book has been on my radar for a while.

It was an absolutely fantastic read and with this being an ongoing I can see this book continuing to do really really well.

Most UK shops were selling all 3 covers for the same price (£5/$7.50) and so were some of the main US sites. Midtown for example was selling this as one listing to be filled with random covers. I ordered 10 copies so it will be interesting to see what mix I get …

Cover A was instantly being listed at £15+ ($22.50) with the other covers getting listed for much higher (although I have not seen any sales yet).

There were also loads of shop variants all based on different Hip Hop album covers.

Ultimately I think cover A and C will be the most popular and sought after covers (cover C is one of the best, most original covers I have seen in a while)

If you haven't read this I highly recommend it.

It is an oversize prestige squarebound book with 80 pages, so is almost like a mini graphic novel. It was sold boarded and poly bagged, which Black Mask have reported via twitter as being a mistake as they never requested books to be produced like this.

There is always the debate as to whether to bag or unbag, I always say on this debate if you are grading it doesn't matter as CGC/CBCS will remove the bag anyway, but if keeping in PC or flipping raw, then keep it in that bag.



4. Hip Hop Family Tree #1

Another book I had in my predictions last week, the original cover has been selling for around £15 ($22.50) and after the news reported by the one and only Pasta Pimp Jimmy Linguini that Ed Piskor has this in development for a TV show this book is going  to be sticking around at a good price I feel.

There are a few variants available as well:

  • Easy E variant from third eye comics
  • Slick Rick Eh! from Jimmy Linguini
  • Kanye West variant from Fantagraphics
  • Flavour Flav variant from Newbury Comics

Of all the variants the Eh! variant is the rarest with a tiny print run of 500, although not confirmed I believe the other variants to have 1000 print run

Don't know what the print run on the standard cover is but am pretty sure it will be pretty low.

It will be interesting to see if the animated TV show ends up happenning whether the actual rappers featured will be voicing themselves.

On a side note, one book to look out for the Hip Hop Family Tree FCBD from 2014 as this is the first HHFT in comics.

Hip-Hop Family Tree #1



5. 21st century Tank Girl #3

Not selling for as much as previous issues have been (highest recorded sale is £6.90/$10) but still a definitive flip if you can find this at cover.

Also think these have long-term appeal due to the massive fan base Jamie Hewlett has.


6. Oxymoron Loveliest Nightmare #1 cover B

I know nothing about this book apart from, I think, some sort of relation to Red 10 as it looks like the same character.

All I do know is cover B is selling for £11.99 ($18), so if you can find it for cover then pick it up and flip it quick (as I can't see this being anything but just that, a quick flip)


7. Rivers of London #2

Another prediction from last week, mainly due to the fantastic sales I saw with #1. I haven't seen a repeat for this, but it still selling steadily at £10 ($15), so still worth picking up, but I wouldn't bother going big on this. rl2

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