Star Wars #1 and Darth Vader #1 Italian Covers

There is a total of six covers each for the Italian editions of Darth Vader #1 and Star Wars #1 and most of the covers were the ones used for the French edition of Star Wars #1 as well as the original US covers but also an exclusive Italian one.

Let's start with Darth Vader #1:


From left to right top to bottom:

  • Adi Granov regular cover (same as USA)
  • Black Cover (exclusive Italian)
  • Francesco Mattina Variant (Same as French Star Wars #1)
  • Matteo Scalera Variant (Exclusive Darth Sidious Italian Cover)
  • Ramon Perez Variant (Same as French Star Wars #1)
  • Carlos D’Anda Variant (Same as French Star Wars #1)

Here are the Star Wars #1 covers:


From left to right top to bottom:

  • John Cassaday regular cover (same as USA)
  • Blank Cover (Same as USA)
  • Lee Bermejo Variant (Same as French Star Wars #1)
  • Greg Tocchini Variant (Same as French Star Wars #1)
  • Renato Guedes Variant (Same as French Star Wars #1)
  • Paul Renaud Variant (Same as French Star Wars #1)

I had to buy the Boba Fett Variant to pair it with my French Star Wars #1 Variant, but I also had to have the Darth Sidious Exclusive Cover … man that cover is stunning! The Star Wars #1 covers are basically the same used in the French editions so I find them less appealing and I guess so would all who have already seen them in my very first article, but still nice since they are exclusive Euro covers.

The Carlos D’anda and the Paul Renaud covers are only available with the Dark Side and the Light Side of the Force Cofanetti (boxsets) ,so print run should be lower for these two. I don’t have any numbers for the print run of the variants, though. Here are some pics of the boxsets:


Every comics sells for cover price approx 5 euro + shipping, your best option if you like them all, may well be the Cofanetto of the 6 comics for around 25 euro (before shipping).

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do my weekly column anymore so I want to thank and Iñigo for giving me the opportunity to let me talk about my foreign stuff, I hope I was able to bring you some love for some known and unknown comics. Thanks to those who took the time to read my articles and don’t worry, I won’t be too far away. You might hear from me here or back down at CBSI … Merci beaucoup et a la prochaine!!!

This is Iñigo and I just want to thank Jean-François for what I think was not an easy sell of a weekly article. I will take over this column for the next couple of weeks and if there's enough interest I will keep on writing it or assign it to someone else. If anyone's willing to take over, please let me know.

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