1Batman Adventures Vol 1 #12 (1993)

Batman_Adventures_Vol_1_12 WRITER: Kelley Puckett
ARTIST: Mike Parobeck
A 9.6 sold for almost $1,700 this week, and the auction looked legit. You can't touch a raw no matter the condition for under $250 right now. I have no clue what the ceiling for this is, but it's the “hottest book on the planet by a wide margin” I know people are tired of her being #1, but what can I do??

2 We Can Never Go Home #1 (2015)

We-Can-Never-Go-Home-1-Cover WRITER: Matthew Rosenberg
ARTIST: Patrick Kindlon
This book was the pleasant surprise of the summer so far. The SDCC variant made the list, and rightfully so with it hitting insane prices on eBay (#FMD). Most know about the store variants, etc, but the good ole' 1st print is the book that keeps going up and up. Copies in NM are hitting $30-40 and selling well. With an estimated print run of 4k, this has a ton of room for growth still. The story works, and people are buying into Black Mask so far. #keeper

Harley Quinn #1 Vol 2 (2013) Adam Hughes Variant (1:50)

WRITER: Amanda Connor
ARTIST: Chard Hardin
Have you seen what copies of this are selling for right now? Raw NM copies have surpassed the $300 mark on multiple occasions in the past few weeks. I figured it would have hit a plateau by now, but it keep climbing and climbing. I love the book, I love the cover and so does the public. Room for growth still ? Maybe…


4 Batman Vol. 1 #357 (1983)

WRITER: Gerry Conway
ARTIST: Donn Newton
The crazy Jason Todd as the Joker in the BvS:DoJ rumor has caused this book to blow up. You could find this book in most stores a few months ago for under $10, now you can't touch a copy for under $60. High grade raw's are in the $120 neighborhood with CGC/CBCS copies nearing $400 and higher. Not sure what the future holds for this book, but buy it cheap if you can find it.


5 DC Comics Bombshells #1 (2015)  Lupacchino Variant Cover (1:25)

WRITER: Marguerite Bennett
ARTIST: Marguerite Sauvage
This was a pleasant surprise last week. Not many people were on this book early, but the few that were made out like bandits. Lupacchino has been killing it with his variants this summer, and this put the cherry on top. Not heavily ordered due to the surplus stores had from last years debacle, this was a new title and definitely overlooked. Hitting $45-50 raw with upside left.


6 Superman: Man of Steel Vol. 1 #18 (1992) 4th/5th Print

WRITER: Louise Simonson
ARTIST: John Bogdanove
You can ask a 100 people which book is tougher to find; the 4th print or the 5th print and you will get a 50/50 split. I personally have seen more 4th prints, but people on the East Coast say the 4th's are way more difficult. Regardless, with all the Doomsday rumors flying about his movie debut, this book in all prints has been going nuts. Buy any copy of 4th or 5th print you can.


Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 #266 (1990)

WRITER: Chris Claremont
ARTIST: Mike Collins
Guys my age love the X-Men. We grew up on the Claremont/Jim Lee run and it's what we gravitate towards. Gambit is one of those characters. Everyone wants an UX #266 in their collection. With the movie release next year and the actor they are using it's has received some mainstream attention. What does that mean? That mean's this is a $400 book in 9.8 right now and NM raw's are getting $125.




8 Young Terrorists #1 (2015) 1st Print

WRITER: Matt Pizzolo
ARTIST: Amancay Nahuelpan
What makes this comic so amazing? Not too many books have caused this much commotion on it's 1st day of release. It started selling for $14 within the first 12 hours. That is impressive. The book is huge and is being called a “graphic novel” due to it's size. $6.99 price tag scared a few people off from pre-ordering, but they are kicking themselves today. The variant situation is just as hot, but there is a ton of confusion right now. Buy if you can find any copies of this cheap buy them. Remember that they are poly-bagged so 9.8 copies will be difficult in all probability.


Suicide Squad Vol 4 #1 (2011) 1st Print

WRITER: Adam Glass
ARTIST: Federico Dallocchio
This book is a $100 book right now if you weren't aware. The 1st appearance of Harley in a Suicide Squad book is now a major modern key. Whoever's idea it was to add her to the team when the New52 started deserves a raise, because it made and will make DC/WB a lot of money. Buy this all day long for under $50.


10 NYX #3 (2012)

WRITER: Joe Quesada
ARTIST: Josh Middleton
This book is like that dog you fed once, and it won't leave. Just when it's been a couple of weeks since you've seen it, it shows back up. Copies of this sell instantly in NM on eBay at around $200. They get snatched up quicker than a McDonalds french fry by a fat kid.


Rai #0 (1992) Gloss Variant

WRITER: David Lapham
ARTIST: Bob Layton
There is a rare “gloss' version of this cover and it's been selling extremely well on eBay right now. Never knew it existed, but it definitely does and is making some waves right now.


Batman Vol 2 #21 (2013) Sketch Variant (1:100)

WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Greg Capullo
Duke Thomas is going to be a player in the Bat universe for a long time. Trust me this book will be a monster down the road.

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  • woz3323

    Good list. Glad I picked up some of these before the price exploded.

  • Yroc

    Nice update to the Top 10 Trey!

  • Ben Steiniger

    Awesome list!

  • itseddieok

    I always love the top 10. I wasn’t going to get involved with Young Terrorists but you inspired me to go hunt down a couple issues at my not-quite-LCS.

  • Avatar

    Great list as usual although count me among the many who are sick to death of hearing about HQ. On a positive note what’s your take on the The Young Terrorists Larry’s Comics Hip Hop variant with an alleged print run of 50?

    • Trey

      Nobody who invests in comic’s around here buys *arry’s variants. He’s a racist and bigot. He does a Hip Hop Variant and hates rap music per his arrogant responses on the cgc board. That ASM #300 cash grab he pulled earlier this year is exactly what brought the industry to its knees in the 90’s. *ghost* variants are like new cars, they lose value the second they leave the store.

      • Avatar

        Maybe so but plenty of people elsewhere do and many of the variants command a pretty penny so back to my original question…

        • Trey

          Which ones command a pretty penny? I respect your opinion but he’s not getting any burn around here. Won’t ever happen

          • Avatar

            For starters the LC variant of TYT with an alleged print run of 50 is going for approximately 50, The Daymen variant 1 with a print run of 1000 isn’t too shabby either. There are more but I’m not sure it would matter to you. This is the first time I’ve heard of his alleged racism and I’m not saying I don’t belive you but I definitely don’t belive posts on line without evidence. Even then, all ethical points aside, pleanty of horrible human beings have produced/promoted things of value.

        • Horrific

          There’s a massive amount of evidence online against him. Search google for his racism tirades and you’ll see it flat out. His dickish behavior and arrogance against even know comic writers like Mark Waid goes back years. Crude people have profited off others, but it’s because we allow them to. Unless we stand against rude, bigoted fools like him and don’t buy his product then we are no better. Here’s hoping his business fails.

  • Santos

    Larry trying to pull a We can never go home 1 SDCC on the hobby.

    He should list one on ebay at 0.99 starting bid and see how much it fetches. I havent seen the cover yet myself, as for value on it…i challenge him to do what I mentioned, should give us a clear indication if people will value it or not.

  • comickiller72

    Great List. What Can you say about Black Mask really?

    They swung for the fences with some really far out uncompromising story telling. With those razor thin print runs there fan base has grew faster than there are copies for so i see there first runs in the 4 to 5,000 copies range to go higher and stay high..

    I assuming retailers will beef up there orders on this little “indy” comic publisher that just stole the summer!

    Reminds of what Valiant did in the early 90’s when they hit people on the head with Harbinger. Hopefully Black mask will learn from valiants error and not go crazy with the print runs.

  • Santos

    Ill admit, we can never go home #1 cover A has surprised me value wise. Ive seen 2 copies sell for over $68 on ebay this last few days.

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