Batman & Robin #23 1:10 Variant – July 2011

Batman and Robin #23 J. G. Jones VariantWelcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

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Ok, no spoilers here BUT there seems to be a certain rumor going around about a certain person, named Jason Todd, and his involvement in the Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad movies. Because of this rumor, there have been a few comics that have been skyrocketing as of late. And if this rumor does prove true, expect many others to skyrocket as well. Here is my contribution to that madness! I give you Batman and Robin #23, the 1:10 variant by JG Jones! Great mugshot cover! And one of the few covers with Todd as the centerpiece.

The regular version of the comic had a print run of 55,000 – so this version comes in at 5,500! There are about 10 on the bay right now, and you could probably find the change in your couch to pay for them! I am fairly certain this one will never go crazy on the prices, but I have seen crazier things happen. If nothing else, just go grab one and throw it in a box for now.

And wait one second!!! Is that a Catwoman 51 coverswipe???

Happy Hunting fellas!


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