Time To Hunt: We Can Never Go Home #1 1:10 Variant


This summer has definitely been the summer of Black Mask and their breakout hit ” We Can Never Go Home”. There have been no less than 20 variants for the #1 issue and some of them as you already know are almost impossible to find. The 1st print pictured below is hitting $30-40 raw in NM condition right now, and surprisingly there aren't a lot of copies hitting eBay surprisingly.  According to Comichron.com there are 4,181 copies of the 1st print.


Here is where things get interesting. A lot of retailers including Midtown weren't aware that Black Mask did a ratio variant for this book. There is a 1:5 (pictured below) which in theory should mean there are only 836 copies in circulation. If the 1st print copy is hitting $30-40 this should be reaching the $100 mark but it isn't yet. Many people think this is a store or con exclusive variant and I don't blame them. The crazy thing is there is another even harder to find variant out there.


Black Mask released a 1:10 variant with the 1st print and the 1:5. Most stores only ordered 3-5 copies of this book due to it being a new title from a new publisher. The 1:10 is incredibly difficult to find and according to my elementary math skills, there in theory should only be 418 copies. Again how many stores ordered 10 copies of this book honestly? I have seen 4 total on eBay in the last 90 days and I don't think people realized what they had. Midtown shipped the regular, 1:5, and 1:10 as random covers not knowing the variant ratio program from what I was told yesterday by a person who's in the know. This book is severely under-priced right now and is due for a huge market correction. I haven't been able to procure one as of yet and have been looking diligently. I suggest picking up any of the 3 books from week one if you can find them. Granted this is a mini-series, and mini-series usually lose steam once it's over (Enormous, Wool anyone?) This book and Young Terrorists have made it the summer of Black Mask and I don't see it slowing down.


$_57 $_57 (1)

For those of you who read the article, finding this hidden part should be no issues. These two books are the crème de la crème and only a very few people are aware of them. Much like The Spread from Image last year, Black Mask sent a few stores an exclusive preview edition of “We Can Never Go Home #1” It has the full issue inside, but also a few other bits of information about the book and company from what I have been told. Supposedly there are 105 copies of this book (a CGC member posted this, but I can't confirm the total). If that is indeed the case, this is the book to own from the series.

There is also an Ash Can variant of the 1:5 floating around with the logo Ardden Convention Exclusive. I have only seen one copy and it's on eBay right now with a pretty crazy price. If anyone has any information on the two books above please chime in on the comments.


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    Sadly I sold my 2 slabbed 1:5 9.8s a while back. They sold almost instantly upon listing. Haven’t seen any out and about since.

    Have a few #3 9.8s and after the initial hubbub, by the time they came back from Florida, there hasn’t been a ton of interest.

  • Santos

    Love this series, the 1 in 5 cover is sweet, always been a sucker for yellow covers, the 1st print, regular cover, is my favorite one.

  • ECooper

    Amazingly, I found 3 copies of cover A and 2 or 3 copies of B and C a few weeks ago. I picked up all Cover As but only 1 each of B and C. I hope they’re still there in a few weeks when I go back!

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    Very interesting & good information. What about the Books-A-Million variant? My local BAM had about 3 copies of their #1 variant a few weeks ago when I bought mine and sold all of them within a few days.

  • Ben Steiniger

    very good info, as usual!

  • Simon Payne

    The ashcan variant was published by a small company that is local to me Ardden Entertianment (they did Devil’s Due & did an Atlas Revival with Jason Goodman – Marvel Co-founder Martin Goodman’s grandson)
    I think they are no longer in business but know the owner Rich Emms run a comic shop near me.
    Unfortunately we fell out about 5 years ago, otherwise I would hit him up for some info.

    the ashcan was drawn by completely different artist & looking at pic I seen in lisiting the art just didn’t work for me & it is very good that artist changed to Josh Hood

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    I just found a copy of the Ardden Convention Exclusive in a back issue bin for $4.

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    So I know this is an older post but what do you guys think about some of the other variants? I picked up the

    WE CAN NEVER GO HOME #1 Microprint Larry’s / Jetpack Variant Ltd 50 Black Mask and the green one

    as well as the

    WE CAN NEVER GO HOME #1 Microprint Phantom Variant Ltd To 50 Black Mask and Bad Brains version.

    Slab and sell? Hold?

    Newer to Spec and Invest and wanted to get some advice…


  • Moff

    in regards to the 1:10 i own one and have seen one both have a slight indentation mark in the shape of a reversed L in the immediate left corner of both front & back covers that looks like a some point the books were held by a clip????? if its a product of the printing /distribution process that may make finding a NM of this book VERY hard

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    I have a copy of the Ardden printing.

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