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I have decided to try and write a new article every week called “Meat on the Bone”. This will have to do with books that are well known, but still have plenty of room for financial growth hence the term “Meat on the Bone”.

The first book on the list is one that everyone should already own, and if they don't they need to buy it quickly.

Batman: Harley Quinn (October, 1999) (55,162 copies according to Comichron.com)


Most people know Harley Quinn made her first appearance in the Batman Animated series created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini in the early 90's. There is an argument her 1st published appearance isn't the celebrated Batman Adventures Vol 1 #12, but the audio book Batman: Almost Got ‘Em that came out almost two months before that book. Regardless, the Harley in the animated series is FAR different from the Harley we know and love today. I never understood why Batman: Mad Love was so celebrated and treasured as it's the origin of a Harley that doesn't really exist anymore. The Harley we know today was first introduced into the DC continuity in Oct 1999 in Batman: Harley Quinn. The cover stole the show at first thanks to Alex Ross. This book has been popular but hasn't fully received the respect it deserves as of yet. This is the book that allowed Harley to crossover from Joker sidekick/girlfriend, into the complicated psychopathic heroine we know today.

Nothing will ever take over the place of BA #12, it's cemented as one of the most important modern comic books and nothing will ever change that. A lot of people are scooping up early appearances of her in the Animated Series, Mad Love, etc, but I don't feel there is any money left to be made off these books. People get all excited about the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th appearances and a few months later they are back to being in regular boxes instead of the walls at stores and cons, and costing you relisting fees on eBay.

This character is technically not the same character we fell in love with in the animated series. We find out the Joker did quite a number on her to turn her into the his minion. This books tells her origin as we know her today which is widely important. With the movie coming out and Harley looking to be the marquee member on display (Joker and Bats not counting) there are going to be even more young women and men looking for these books soon. It's a black covered book and most people know how insanely difficult finding 9.8 copies of black books are. They don't let you get away with any flaws. 9.8 copies of this book have began reaching the $400 mark this summer and high quality raw copies are selling for $100 plus. Be careful though, this book has 5 different prints that I am aware of. Make sure you are investing in the 1st print when making this purchase.

There is still a ton of “Meat on the Bone” with this book, and I think you should be investing your hard money on this book and holding onto it.The cover is iconic, the content is beefy, and it's Harley Quinn at her finest.

The other Harley Quinn book that doesn't get enough respect yet is:



This book might potentially be the biggest sleeper money wise and it hasn't been discussed heavily. It's a 1:25 variant from July, 2014, and according to comichron.com the print run should be 1,004 copies. And that's assuming each shop who ordered the book ordered 25, and that usually isn't happening with a title like this.

Look at it, it's beautiful! Terry Dodson is one of the most underrated comic cover artists in existence. This is a Harley we haven't ever seen before, and it's amazing. The comic series was derived from the video game featuring multiverse stories and characters. Each time I look at this book I find a new detail that I enjoy. The bunny costume, the mallet, the smile, glasses, the blonde hair, etc , etc….

The book has been fetching on average (eBay sales) $97.63 raw in Near Mint the past 3 months. There has only been one 9.8 sold, and that went for $128 back in May with no other copies turning up anywhere.

I feel there is a a lot of “Meat on the Bone” with this book. I see 7:1 right now Hughes variants to this Dodson variant of around the same time. I have said earlier that the Harley Quinn #1 Hughes variant is her go-to book variant wise, but this book will be 1b in a few years. Granted this isn't the regular Harley from the normal DC continuity, but that's what makes this book so exceptional. On a totally unrelated note, it's also what I plan on making my girlfriend dress up as this Halloween 🙂


  • Ioan L

    Great read, thanks!

  • Jean-François T

    great idea of article

  • Jason S

    Awesome article! Totally agree on that Infinite Crisis! That is just waiting to explode

  • Ben Steiniger

    Good stuff!

  • Avatar

    Great spec. That 1:25 is impossible to find.

  • Avatar

    Great article Trey. Only problem is I haven’t picked up the Infinite Crisis cover yet and now that you’ve written this article, it’s gonna rocket. Lol. Seriously though, a nice spec article on the girl we all love to hate/hate to love.

  • Simon Payne

    I pretty sure I sold my only copy of inifinite crisis variant to you Trey ages back!!!!!!!!

  • Santos

    As a Harley fan, I approve of these picks.

  • Avatar

    Unfortunately don’t have either of these. Time to go hunting

  • Avatar

    Great article! I believe Mad Love is so popular because it is considered one of the all time best Batman stories. When you check those top ten lists, it’s always on there and the only one that features Harley.

  • comickiller72

    i like the premise of the new “meat on the bone” column. Theres always been plenty of predictions of what people THINK will be a hot issue (which is very hard to predict or it takes the book YEARS to mature and we wont money now. LOL.) or there are columns about books that are hot and already outside the price range of most collectors/flippers..

    So this talks about those in between books that can grow. I appreciate the outlook!

    I would say ALL EARLY HARLEY have much more meat on them bones for sure. People are crazy about this character. The closer we get to the SS film and more the supply dries up. the more Bat -Ish crazy the prices will go. As BA 12 becomes less and less affordable people will just step down to the next best things of early appearances of the character..

    its like if i was in the market for early spiderman say 30 years ago and AF #15 or ASM #1 from 1962-63 were too expensive for me.. and I was able to get say ASM #14 for “cheap” would I take it? Hell yeah! the 1st 50 issues of Spidey will never stop increasing in value.

    Yes I am equating early Harley to early Spiderman. the popularity of this character seems to have no limit and her 90’s print runs are so low its a great investment (s)

    • Santos

      Agree, maybe is just me, but it looks like more BA12s are popping up in ebay, which i thinj is odd. More keep appearing meaning more to go around, yet it kees selling for premium. That infinitt cover doesnt show uo much and when I ask other collectors id they got one available for sale 95% of the time they say No. This is a book that launched in 2014 and it went unnoticed by many. If only i had a time traveling bath tub…and a cuban cigar.

  • emiobeg

    Is it worth investing in a foreign edition of Batman Adventures #12?

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