A bombshell of Hip Hop predictions spitting rivers of Venom


Pretty grim week on the spec front last week, I can only find 2 books worth writing out about.

Tomorrow books though has a few things that could show promise so going to try something different and make a few predictions and then see if I was right or not next week.

1. Bombshells #1 1:25 Lupacchino Variant

DCBOMBS1_1-25_var_copyThis cover was first brought to my attention by CBSI member Agustin Santos, and what a winner it is he picked. Not had a chance to read the actual book but the 1:25 variant cover by rising star Emanuela Lupacchino is one to watch.

Quickly rose to about £40 ($60) and looks like it only going to go up.

Classic DC cover featuring female superheroes have a history of doing well!

2. Tank Girl #3

21TG3.jpg.size-600This sold out in record time and quickly rose to about £10 ($15).

With Jamie Hewlett back on Tank Girl they have certainly had a hit on their hands here.

PREDICTION 1: Hip Hop Family Tree #1

hhpftAs reported by the one and only pasta pimp Jimmy Linguini, Ed Piskor has announced that this is going into production for an animated show, I could see this ending up on Adult Swim.

Although the book may be a harder sell in the UK, from sales from previous FCBD comics that have been published it is apparent that this certainly has a following.

Also who doesn't love a good Hip Hop comic yarn?

There is a fantastic Eh! variant featuring Slick Rick which is up for the sale on the main G+ page

PREDICTION 2: Rivers of London #2

rl2How well did the last book sell? that is all I am saying 🙂

Even Forbidden Planet who are owned by Titan sold out of this on the 1st day of release last week!!!!!

PREDICTION 3: Guardians of Knowhere #3 Manga variant

gk3For no other reason than it has a kick ass Venom cover.

What more needs to be said!

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